Where to Find the Best Trousseau Picks in India?


Ready to ring the bells but not sure where to start from? Wedding Affair to the rescue! There is absolutely no time of the year when someone is not getting married on a huge lawn under the sky of stars. And we understand the struggle of picking the right amount of bling for the entire session. Wedding shopping is too damn exciting, but it is also exhaustive, especially when you are unable to source the outfits you have been dying to pick. So, today we are going to have a look at the best locations in India, that you absolutely need to visit in order to check the mirror work lehenga or hand embroidered sherwani off your bucket list!

  1. Delhi
Streets of Chandni Chowk.

This had to be the first city of wedding outfits. Did you know that families from around the world travel all the way to Delhi to buy all of their wedding fits? Delhi is a hub of diverse clothing, especially the ones that you wear and exchange during a wedding ceremony. Places like Chandni Chowk, Lajpat Nagar, and Karol Bagh are famous for their exquisite trousseau collection. You can find almost every brand and designer in the streets of Delhi.

  1. Amritsar
Kapda bazaar.

Located in the heart of Punjab, Amritsar is rich in taste when it comes to buying stuff that goes into matrimonial activities. Lahori Gate market and Shastri market are famous for providing their customers with the brightest of reds, and the blushiest of pinks. Kapda bazaar is another location where you can spend your treasures to purchase the most beautiful Phulkari outfits. Even men can find intricately crafted pieces for their wedding day.

  1. Jaipur
Johri market.

As the name suggests, the Pink City of Jaipur is culturally rich when it comes to serving wedlock looks. There are uncountable markets in this city, and they are located on the tiniest of streets. What catches the eye of the customer are the Meenakari items and Bandhani pieces. Johri bazaar and Tripolia bazaar are loaded with some amazing clothing and jewelry items. Men looking for embellished fits and turbans, Jaipur is calling.

  1. Ahmedabad
Lal Darwaza market.

Walk into the narrow lanes of Ratan Pol and Singhi market and explore the authentic taste of India, while getting into the emotional feels of getting married. Yes, that is what Ahmedabad does to you. The Lal Darwaza market is going to mesmerize you with its wide range of gilded jewelry and jaw-dropping couture. If you are in Ahmedabad and you did not buy a silk patola saree, we’re sorry the trip has been wasted.

  1. Banaras
Dal Mandi market.

Well, we deliberately called Varanasi, Banaras. Who doesn’t know about the evergreen Banarasi sarees that our Bollywood queens have also been donning at various events? You have to and definitely have to purchase a huge bundle of the Banarasi silk, okay not a bundle but just a few. Next, up to move into the sacred streets of Dal Mandi market, and Lahurabir to fill up your treasure chest that tells the tales of your holy matrimony.

  1. Lucknow
These amazing pieces in Lucknow markets.

Ah, this warm welcoming city of Nawabs is just as aesthetic as they showcase in the movies. Chikankari pieces of clothing are the most famous in this city, and to find the best of it visit the markets of Hazratganj. Next up we have Kapoorthala and Janpath market, where friendly shopkeepers and staff will serve the most high-end wedding couture picks along with the sweet delicacy of Makkhan Malai!

  1. Kolkata
Streets of Kolkata.

Our last stop for the day is the city of Joy, and indeed it is to provide you with a tremendous amount of joy when you look around and find some heart-pleasing wedding fits. Famous for its tant and baluchari sarees, you must visit the streets of New market and Gariahat market. Another attraction point in the city is the Bada bazaar where you can fetch some classic Calcuttian artistic pieces.