The esteemed WHP Jewellers have been creating fine jewellery for over ten decades and excelling at it. Targeting the modern woman, they came up with a collection of Limited Edition Signature Jewels that are versatile and avant-garde. Each and every piece of the range tells a different story. Adorn your outfit with any one of their pieces and you are set to go, whether it is a luncheon or a soiree. Each piece narrates a story, one that you want to experience.

320a7647-62b6-405b-a5db-0a70f900fee8The Fairy Tale Cuff – Taking inspiration from nature, this cuff symbolizes a fairy with butterfly wings that are lined with finely cut diamonds and semi-precious stones. It gets full points for exclusivity and craftsmanship. The cut-work on the back makes it look sophisticated, giving it the perfect look from all angles.

6621b48a-7948-457b-8d12-41e7fdcf7633The Peacock Choker –This choker takes the design of a peacock’s feathers and moulds it into a design that is distinctive. For years peacocks have been inspiring people, from paintings to henna to even jewellery. But this piece is one which stands apart from all, glistening in all its glory. It is contemporary and geared to make a statement. It has a pair of earrings that complete the set and the tassels or fringes on both the pieces make them fashion-forward.

988c5b34-6350-401e-9c98-0e710c128247The Versatile Necklet –
 If you are looking to make a statement then stop your quest and just opt for this piece blindfolded.  It is the ultimate necklace for people (especially brides) who are not afraid to go bold. The selling factor is that it comes with a detachable necklace and so it can easily be converted to a choker for days when you want to tone it down. Radiating royalty and magnificence, this one’s a keeper.

cc4e6830-e853-4bf9-836f-033254f7d044The Elegant Armlet – 
Running on the subtler side, this piece is perfect if you’re in a mood to channel your inner Rapunzel. The swirls, tangled tresses and studded diamonds all work together to give it a look of sheer elegance. It is modern and would complement all kinds of outfits.

e81fa02a-4dd8-4035-910a-f07ad263c83cThe Global Ring
– It is unusual to see such experimental designs in fine jewellery, but it is a breath of fresh air. This piece is a definite conversation starter. It is modern and futuristic but at the same time the multi-colored gems give it a desi twist. Statement rings are the staple cocktail go-to’s. You just cannot go wrong with them, especially when they are as unique as this one.

Rahil Muhimtule
, brand director of WHP Jewellers quoted, ‘As a brand, our aim is to constantly delight our consumers and this collection manifests the same. What makes this collection unique is the fact that though each statement piece is inspired from one of the most popular jewellery motif, ‘nature’ but presents it in the most  progressive ways’

The majestic and out-of-the-box designs will make you the talk of the town! And the best part is that splurging on them won’t make you feel guilty.

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