Why You shouldn’t think of Losing Weight just Before your Wedding?


Women all over the world have increasingly become conscious about losing weight while preparing for their perfect wedding. Aspiring to lose a few kgs, women go on crash diets that often result in wreaking havoc in their life.

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The time near the wedding brings out a whirlwind of emotions within us. While you are going through the same feeling, a proper healthy diet is of utmost importance because as people say that “wedding planning is a full-time job”. Amidst such a sudden turn of eventful happenings, skipping meals or switching to diet would not be of any use, rather it will leave you feeling tired and drowsy all the time. Here’s why you should stop worrying about your weight:


A crash diet results in a condition where you face severe weight fluctuations. While you may be working out for the best possible shape you could be in, such a diet could make your workouts less effective.  Rather than making you look better in your dress, it may in fact do the opposite by deflating your muscles. With situations like these, it becomes very difficult to keep a track of the dress fittings. You wouldn’t want to be a part of the chaos where the bride’s dress doesn’t even fit her properly.


Crash dieting is like a slow-motion path to self-destruction, wherein you ruin your body on purpose. Such diets also have a negative effect on your menstrual cycle. While you may have planned your ‘big day’ by considering your dates, your eating habits can drastically change your cycle pattern.

All these factors could affect your partner as well – because when someone you love does not realize their self-worth, it can be extremely disappointing. Statements like – I thought you were cutting down on carbs may lead to heated arguments. Then again, when you start turning down your fiancé’s invitations for drinks, dinners or parties since you’re watching your calories, he may start missing the fun girl he used to date before he proposed to you.

The Wedding Brigade Blog

Trying so hard to change to fit into a dress isn’t worth disturbing all the stuff that you can enjoy while planning your wedding. If your main priority is looking great on your wedding photos then think again. Being skinny doesn’t automatically translate to being pretty. Planning a wedding is nerve-racking. So instead of self-loathing and suffering, engage in body positivity and adore yourself.

Always remember – If you aren’t happy with how you look in the present, chances are you won’t be happy even after you lose some weight. A hungry bride and a happy bride don’t co-exist!