Experience The Best Chocolates In Town With Windsor Chocolatier


New masters in the art of chocolate making since 2013, Windsor Chocolatiers’ luxury Belgian chocolates are handcrafted to excellence. The brand was started by Rhea, an ambitious entrepreneur from the business family of Eastman Group. She has learned the art of chocolate making from celebrated chocolatiers from 15 countries and has now brought the art to India.

Windsor Chocolatiers

Indians have a taste for chocolates which are high in sugar, fats and extremely less in cocoa, ultimately a candy. Windsor wants that Indians should set their heart on the taste of real chocolates, which once touches their mouth won’t be able to resist the taste and feel of it. 

Chocolate is not just a word, it is a feeling, a world for someone who needs to be beautifully made to give them the best experience. At Windsor, they love making chocolates and believe in making handmade chocolates rather than premade and machine-made. Chocolates are contrived without any artificial products and all of their concentrates and essences are made in-house. 


To them, composing chocolate is not only a profession but an art. The most popular element of the product is Belgian Chocolate. All of their ingredients are of high-quality and imported from different parts of the world. They deliver handcrafted, made with sheer love, pure ingredients chocolates to your doorstep. 

From corporate events to gifting, they’ll take care of all your chocolate-related needs. They have different packings ranging from the silver box, golden box, premium box and festive box, etc. 

Windsor Chocolatier

Chocolates can make anything better. Their sweetness can dissolve fights, make people come together, increase their love, improve any occasion, can be gifted, or just improve your mood. Windsor Chocolatiers is one of the best chocolate manufacturers in Delhi. For those who are deeply in love with chocolates, they deliver your hearts towards your door. 



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