Winter Makeup Essentials For The Bride

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The winter is here and so is the wedding season. With the beginning of multiple ‘sayas’ for holy matrimony, the resorts are booked, makeup artists are already engaged and caterers are rushing to fulfil their deadlines. The wedding season is here with all of its pomp and show. With the chilling winds of winter filling our evenings with a cold wonder, the skin needs that extra nourishment to keep the skin from drying out excessively. The bride especially needs extra care as she needs to wear heavy makeup for her wedding ceremonies. Hence, team Wedding Affair has listed some of the best makeup products that a bride can use this winter.

1. Hydrating Foundation

Women usually prefer a matte foundation to avoid the cakey makeup look. But if the skin is drying beneath, the foundation and the base makeup starts developing cracks around the facial creases. Hence, it is advised to use creamy and hydrating foundation during the winters to retain a nourished and glowing skin look.

2. Creamy Lipsticks

All the shades of red lipstick perfectly suit the Indian bride. But since on the wedding day, the bride needs to shine out in the crowd more than anyone, we suggest creamy finish lipsticks that glitter and shine in the light. This is also ‘the trend’ of the season.

3. Cream-Based Highlighters

The winter bride needs to glow away. Powder-based highlighters tend to dry the skin. Therefore, cream-based highlighters are the perfect option for the winter bride for that dewy look. Another plus point of the creamy highlighter is that it glitters more than your normal powder highlighter.

4. Contour Sticks

These are another alternative for powder makeup that dulls the skin. Cream contour sticks are the blessings for the bride who wants a sharp look without compromising on the hydrated texture of her skin.

5. Cleansing Oils

Most brides resort to Micellar water or makeup removal wipes to do away with the heavy makeup on their skin post-wedding. But, these are not the best products to cleanse as they also steal your skin of the necessary moisture. An oil-based cleanser efficiently breaks the makeup down into smaller bits until it is finally removed. It also retains the necessary moisture of the skin.


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