Winter Wedding Day Game Ideas for Your Guests

Wedding day games
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Wedding Day is an auspicious occasion, and the celebration cannot be completed without one last hurrah of fun and games. But winter is coming and people like to jump inside their blankets- the first chance they get. All they need is a hot cup of cocoa, a bonfire and some light music.

Now, what if I tell you there are games you can organize without having to move an inch- and still enjoy with your loved ones?

Sounds perfect?

Wedding Affair has compiled a list of exciting games- that can mark the perfect ending to your special day.


Jenga Wedding day

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Everyone loves a good game of Jenga- a little competition, a bit of teasing, and loads of laughter echoing through the walls.

You can pick a Giant Jenga and get your game face on. There can be different teams or you can go solo- depending on the number of guests. Add a little twist by giving a task to whoever loses. It can be anything from performing a dance number to singing a song or even eating a super spicy pani-puri.

Pick the chit

Pick the Chit Wedding Day Game
Pick the Chit

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This game is perfect for a large family.  You can tailor the tasks according to your family- like including light-hearted jokes, asking for romantic gestures, telling a secret and the possibilities are endless.

If you don’t have time to prepare these chits, you can buy a deck from the market that has 50-60 tasks printed on them.

Dumb charades

Dumb Charades Wedding Day
Dumb Charades

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Dumb charade has been a summer vacation favorite for families for generations- so why abandon it on your wedding day?

You can make it competitive by adding timers, penalties, and making teams. It could be a bride vs groom family or an old-fashioned boy vs girl.

You can even keep individual scores by pre-deciding a list of movies and enclosing the names in chits. Maybe, later on, you can award whoever wins with a gift.

To add a bit of a wedding day touch, you can pick movies that were themed around weddings.

Card games

 Card games Wedding Day
Card games

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Who doesn’t love a good card game?

It is fierce, thrilling, not to forget, entertaining because of the competitive behavior it awakens in everyone. You can go with a classic Bluff game or Poker, or choose from monopoly and UNO.

Two Truths and One lie

Two truths and one lie
Two truth and one lie!

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This game is great when the bride and groom want to spend time with their cousins or friends after their wedding ceremony. It is simple, you can go around in a circle and tell three facts about yourself. The people in the circle have to guess which one is the false statement.

It is one of those lighthearted games that people will prefer, after a long day of ceremonies- along with soul music and probably some wine.

Friends Classic – “Who Knows Me Better?”

Who knows me better Wedding day
Who knows me better?

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If you have watched FRIENDS- you know which game we’re referring to over here.

To play this game with your wedding guests, you need to prepare a board including various topics ranging from- pet peeves to guilty pleasures, favorite movies or books and much more. You can then divide into groups of two and try to find who knows whom better. It is optional, but you can keep a timer, to add a bit of a zing to the game.

Spin the bottle

Spin the bottle Wedding Day
Spin the bottle!

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Almost every millennial has played this game during their high school years. It used to be entertaining and this is a wedding game to send you and your group of friends down the nostalgic lane.  

There are only two rules to this game- spin and pick between truth or dare.

To avoid getting up on a chilly night, you can keep the dares limited to the vicinity.

Pause with the song

Passing the parcel
Passing the parcel

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This is a sit-down version of musical chairs. All you need is a pillow, an app that pauses songs after a few seconds and of course, your friends and family.

To play this game, you’ve to sit in a circle and pass the pillow to each other in a clockwise manner. Whoever is holding the pillow when the song stops has to perform something. You can keep a bowl with some generic tasks to avoid deciding at the moment.

You can decide amongst these games to make your wedding day even more fun and memorable with your guests. After all, weddings are a chance to spend time with your relatives and friends who you, maybe, meet once a year. So don’t let that opportunity go of a night of friendly contests.