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So finally, you have made past the first dates, proposal, meeting of families and are finally deciding to tie the knot. Marriage is an extremely personal and most cherished moment of our lives. You have finally found your true soulmate in each other and are starting off your journey as a married couple. Even if you want to keep the wedding a personal affair, the guest list is going to swell up as obviously, how can you forget to invite your ‘ mausi ke chacha ka beta’. So the millennials these days have alternatives for everything. Why not take your near and dear ones and elope with them to a fun vacay destination wedding.

Destination weddings are always preferred over the usual local weddings as it is more relaxing and fun. So here are the topmost sought after destination wedding places from which you can also choose a location for your wedding. 

1. Tuscany, Italy

You know you have landed in Tuscany when you see the majestic villas, rolling vineyards, rugged mountains and exquisite renaissance culture. Tuscany lies in the heart of Italy and it has become a leading wedding destination place, thanks to its history, culture and romance. Also, it has come to limelight after Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma chose this exotic destination for their wedding. With fantasy sunsets and dreamy romantic setting, Tuscany is a perfect place to get married in.   


2. French Riviera, France

French Riviera or South of France is a magnificent destination for a lavish wedding. The Riviera was a favourite vacation spot for the royalty in the 19th century and later on became a hotspot for prominent artists like Picasso. With sunshine throughout the year and coastline stretching across Saint Tropez, Cannes and Monaco, it is pretty clear why the world loves this stunning destination. So if you are planning a wedding in Riviera you are guaranteed to have stunning scenic views with mountains to the rear, crystal turquoise water to the front, breathtaking cliffs and beautiful flowers.    


3. Hawaii 

Who doesn’t want to get married on the world’s most beautiful island? Formed from undersea volcanoes, this island in the Pacific Ocean is geographically diverse and breathtakingly stunning. There is a list of islands to choose from for a perfect destination wedding in Hawaii like Oahu, The Big Island, Kauai and many more. So if you want a perfect beach or sunset backdrop for your wedding in the lap of mother nature, this island might be the perfect fit for your wedding. 


4. Udaipur, India

The culturally and historically rich state of India, also known as The ‘City of Lakes’ is the most preferred destination for weddings globally. Environed amidst magnificent views of the lakes, royal palaces and forts, the city takes you back in time and lets you enjoy the regal things in life like the exquisite Rajput-themed decor, display of royal ethnic culture and the Rajasthani cuisine. Several luxurious venues to choose from along with aesthetic beauty and natural splendour, this city is the perfect spot if looking for a royal wedding. 


5. Santorini, Greece 

Weddings in Santorini are a romantic affair. This beautiful Greek island, where the whitewashed houses cling to the breathtaking cliffs, while the famous cobalt blue roofs match the endless expanse of glittering ocean, sand beaches and copper sunsets create a perfect backdrop for a destination wedding. There is a wide range of resorts to choose from for a perfect destination wedding. 

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