With Shiv Fruit Mart Experience Succulence With Every Bite


A fresh juicy bite of a delectable fruit has the ability to awaken all your sense and re-energize you. Shiv Fruit Mart is a Delhi based fruit service company that caters to various occasions such as weddings and conferences and has a retail outlet as well. Over the years, Shiv Fruit Mart has comprehended the dynamics of the business at its best and has been catering best quality fruits since inception. Your guests are pivotal and their satisfaction is of utmost importance. Keeping this in mind, the team brings forth a variety of fruits that are sure to leave a burst of mellowness as they indulge into it. They are pioneers when it comes to serving Indian as well as imported fruits of the utmost quality.

The company has inculcated artistic skills into the industry and has come up with designer cut fruits that are not only delicious but also a treat to the eye. A list of premium services offered by them includes fruits on grill, exotic fruit counters, fruit baskets and exclusive designer cut fruit concepts. The brand’s constantly growing clientele is a result of an unending passion for the business and the ability to deal with turbulence. The brand has updated itself each year, has adapted each and every new trend that has evolved the industry, and thus never fails to understand the needs of its customers.

A few imported fruits that they serve include mangosteen, Australian peach, grapes red globe, longan litchi, Kimia dates and red Thai banana. The list of the Indian and imported fruits that they serve is extensive. The roots of the business date back to the 1940s and the foundation was laid by a retail shop in the Bengali market. Since the business has been growing immensely.

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