Witness A Magical Destination Wedding With 7X Weddings


Indian weddings go beyond dangling decorations, sparkling outfits and rehearsed performances. The weddings are stuffed with extravagant ceremonies, gifting sprees and lots of anxiety. While the preparations can go neck throttling, 7X Weddings is here to take away the ruckus! They are here to curate a fairytale destination wedding for you and take it all on their heads while you sit back and spend some cherishable memories with your loved ones.  The group of experts is sure to mesmerize you with their services. From the pivotal wedding venue to the caterers, vendors, wedding invitations and artists for your sangeet, they are sure to bring out the best for you. The stunning outputs are a result of an expert eye for intricacy and passion.

They understand that the bridal entry is the most dreamt of by a bride and needs its due attention. To make the moment unforgettable, 7X Wedding planners has an ocean of bridal entries, one for every bride. From quirky entries on a vehicle to elegant ones under a ‘phoolon ki chaadar’ and pensive one’s on an embellished throne, they promise to get all heads turned to you! To animate your wedding, they have awe-inspiring ideas for the décor. An energetic wedding theme and its prim execution is their forte.  The wedding venue is chalked out keeping in mind various aspects such as the weather, the budget and the availability. Be it a beach, or a palace they are absolute to sway their wand and create magic anywhere and everywhere. They are pioneers when it comes to keeping your ceremonies alive and keeping the guests engaged by soulful performances and thoughtful games.

They make sure that your guests are surrounded by sumptuous food options and sip-worthy drinks. Ample thought is put into curating the perfect menu for your big day. Choosing the right favours for your wedding guests can be bone breaking, 7X has the perfect gift ideas for you to thank your loved ones for gracing the ceremony with their presence. The guests are taken utmost care of. Including their tickets, transit and accommodation, everything is wholeheartedly taken charge of.  A few miscellaneous services such as the trousseau planning, choreographer and makeup artists is also on their plate. Sip your tea, while they take away all your worries and create your most important day an unblemished one.

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