Women taking the reins!: Dominant sex positions for women 


Sexual pleasures and positions are definitely interrelated, so here we have a little something for women. Top four sex positions assuring that women will be the ones dominating in here. Have a look and surprise your partners!!

Taking in charge: Cowgirl


Now this one’s a typical old is the gold kinda classic dominant position for women to express their control. The classic cowgirl sex position gives a great start to the women who’re trying to assert dominance. In the classic cowgirl position, the woman is supposed to be sitting up on her man who’s lying flat on his back. And this way you girls can feel the aura of taking the reins in your hands and you can feel the sense of power even while getting intimate.

Chair sit

Here’s another position expressing your dominant side it is quite similar to that of the above, and in here all you ladies have to do is have your partner sit straight up, either in bed, on a couch, or even on a chair. It depends on your comfort level, and you can sit on your partner’s laps and feel the assertive dominance that you wish to feel while satisfying your partner and having a little fun of your own too.

Reverse Missionary

Again, it all begins with a standard cowgirl pose, followed by you leaning towards your partner and resting your chest over his. Stretching your legs back outside of your partner’s legs and that’s when the fun begins (if you know then you know *wink*). This position is considered quite hot as it breaks all the male-dominant stereotypes and helps women take control by reversing the tradition of men being always the ones taking charge.

Up against the wall


Well, this sounds fun, right? It’s time for you ladies to take charge of your partners. This “up against the wall pose” helps you assert you will dominate the scenario, in this case, you’re the one who’s pulling the strings (quite literally). You can order your man to stand facing against the wall and approach from behind with any tricks that you have in mind, like literally ANYTHING!

P.S.- Well, c’mon ladies now it’s time to put these positions to use. Get going and take charge!!

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