World Photography Day: Haruto Iwata, MD, Fujifilm India on the relevance of Photography


From a little girl who meanders in a lush green park to capture the beauty of the flower to an old man who still keeps his family’s picture in his black little weary wallet.  From using it in a school assignment to tucking it as a memento of love. Undeniably, photography is an essential part of everybody’s life.  However, do you know how this photography culture started? And how it has changed its facets with time?  Now, let’s delve how photography witnessed paradigm shift.

The Very First Cameras – Crude Beginning to its usage in wars

 It started with the crude beginnings of a strange projector-like box named ‘camera obscura’- the camera developed from a plain box that took blurry photos to the high-tech mini computers found in today’s DSLRs, mirror-less and smartphones.   Henri-Cartier Bresson and other photographers began to use small 35mm camera to capture images of life as it occurred rather than staging them, that was around the 1930s. When World War II started in 1939 many photojournalists adopted this panache, and the style of capturing decisive moments shaped the face of photography forever.

Instant Photography – Popular from the yesteryears 

At the same, Polaroid introduced the Model 95. Which used a secret chemical process to develop film inside the camera in less than a minute. This new camera was fairly expensive but the novelty of instant images caught public attention. By the time the mid-1960s came Polaroid had many models in the market

However, they are relevant even today. In fact, we can say that the newer generations that never knew instant photography are getting fascinated for the first time, and other generations that remember it as their “First Love”. This comeback is creating a stir as it is heart-warming to hold memory rather than subduing those special memories in a phone/laptop folder. These cameras have been particularly popular with kids and youngsters, but increasingly adults are rediscovering the joy of instant photography. The lure of nostalgic movement among millennials, instant photos has sustained growth far beyond. These cameras are slaying the trend for not only being a styling accessory but as an accessory that is creating a difference with the cutting-edge features.

Arjun Kartha – Fujifilm


The relevance of Wedding Albums – Photography-  Print Memories 

Wedding photography and wedding albums are an integral part of Indian tradition. However, there is a transition from the yesteryears – Now the black and white velvet finish booklets converted to the modern and luxurious silver and gold albums. These pictures incorporate pictures from getting ready to the well-choreographed dance! The conventional concept stirred towards the glitzy facet and the traditional directed amid quirks and grandeurs. The difference is that he presents Image intelligence captures the exact hue of mirth, gaiety and resplendence through advanced print technology, unlike the yesteryears. 

 The digitization trend has taken over. Advancements like drones with cameras, aerial shots of the bride and groom in remote surroundings, cutting tech technology have garnered a futuristic way – a way that will undoubtedly stay and advance ahead!  There are pre-wedding shoots which are encapsulated in a fancy album – and is happily exhibited as a coffee table book. These shoots can be retained on a drive – however, there is something priceless in holding those pictures in your hand. 

The trending Mirrorless Range of Cameras

The trend of mirrorless started back in 2004, Epson – brought out the very first mirrorless camera. At present, Mirrorless is the trending one of the photographic world right now – they have the potential to track and focus subjects right into the corners. With 100% electronic composition, you’ll also be able to use a viewfinder for everything you’d see on the screen, including playing images, assisting focus, previewing effects, white balance and colour adjustments, as well as filming and playing movies, and even navigating menus Looking at the future too Mirrorless cameras will continue because possibilities are truly endless. These mirrorlesses are not only used for capturing travel, wildlife, wedding photography, pre-wedding shoots, businesses, landscapes, but by the journalist too. Even the V-loggers are drooling over this product category.  The main reason is that mirrorless cameras have a lot of resourcefulness. They tend to be on the smaller and lighter side in comparison to DSLRs, and still produce remarkable images. Some even come loaded with features to improve your picture-taking experience. 

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Photography in this COVID Phase – Nostalgia plays the Role

Photography is an integral part of everyone’s life. Especially during the prevalent times – when we can’t meet each other that frequently but we can bank on nostalgia – an old image, an old album that can elevate our lurking emotions. We can’t celebrate anniversaries but, we definitely pick old wedding album and relive those days. We can’t venture out but we can definitely use instant pictures for adorning our home with different types of memories. The populace can use these pictures for personalised invitation too. One photo is powerful enough to remind you of an event or an occasion. You see a picture, and you can relive your moment in that picture right away. Also, with social distancing being the prime norm, photographers are applying innovative ways to continue to work, by foraying into FaceTime shoots and other forms of remote photography. In addition to offering models and clients to work with from anywhere in the world, this is also cost-effective for photographers.

Future of Photography

We never thought that Instant Photography will regain the impetus but it did! We never knew that people will still love to keep a wedding album as a coffee table album but it happened!  We never knew that people will still spend plenty on the shoots for corporate brochures, internal communication requirement but they did! 

Even with the future- bringing bigger and better gear. Sensors, lenses, memory cards – there will always be those who prefer analogue versions. They are people who will still bank on nostalgia, memories and get enticed to hold a memory rather than hiding it in a folder, as there is nothing stronger than emotions for humans. Also, there are already AI-powered filters and effects that make photo editing quite an experience.  In future, with AI the brands will come with more advancements and sooner there will be enough, technology for everyone. All balancing, whiteness, exposure, toning, and other editing processes will be further enhanced and this will result in saving hours of labour and even the layman can use it easily.

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