Yoga – For Fitness and Good Health


Our ancestors invented Yoga with great austerity and attention within their souls and inner conscious. Yoga is not just a way to acquire one’s body shape but is a wonderful practice to build mental and emotional quotient within ourselves. Yoga has its origin in our pre-vedic Indian traditions where these practices were done to conquer exceptional powers and undefined superiority amongst all. The ultimate goal of yoga have always been moksha (liberation).

Yoga as an “ELIXIR”

Be it celebrities, entrepreneurs, Bollywood or (now) Hollywood, Yoga has acquired and captured its space all over the world with its undeniable benefits and results. Many studies have tried to determine the effectiveness of yoga as a complimentary intervention of cancer, schizophrenia, asthma and heart diseases. Yoga being an effective practice has gained huge popularity.

Boon to “OBESITY”

To fight obesity, yoga is the natural and a holistic way. To hone your body shape towards something admirable, yoga work wonders for them. Obesity is reflected as a curse, especially in India. Our society does not accept and appraise people with undefined body shape. People suffering from the curse named obesity, can fight with a blessing called yoga.

  • Kapalbhati

This breathing technique helps improving the metabolism and decreases the fat around your belly area. Also it improves the digestive system along with various other benefits including great metabolism and assimilation of nutrients.

  • Suryanamaskarweddingaffair_yoga

This asana includes twelve different yoga postures which gives an overall shape. The asana tones and massages the muscles near our calves, thighs, arms and abdomen area.  It is a great way to reduce obesity within few months.

  • Halasanahalasana

It elevates stress and fatigue. Halasana strengthens and stimulates abdominal muscles.  Improves the blood circulation of the body and give rise to flexibility.

  • Naukasana

It is termed as a boat pose which pressurizes our thigh area and abdomen muscles by releasing immense pressure and force when stretched. This asana works wonders for people having unwanted fat on their thigh area.

  • Paschimottanasanaweddingaggair_paschimottasana

It massages and tones the pelvic organs and is highly effective in decreasing body fat. The posture tones up the abdominal and the entire lower area of a body.


*Increases flexibility

*Improves respiration and boosts energy level

*Strengthens your physical, mental, emotional and psychological health

*Toned body

*Balanced metabolism

*Works as a skin therapy