Every bride must include these in her trousseau!


Just before the wedding, the bride spends hours of toil in preparing her wedding trousseau. Evidently, then, it is of utmost significance for her. Before the D-day arrives, there is a lot of planning that has to be done. Amongst that, a bride’s trousseau holds a prominent place. This is because it is planned to keep in mind her needs for her life after marriage. Traditionally, before getting married, brides-to-be would amass a collection of useful or decorative things to take with them into married life with their husband.

Known as your ‘bottom drawer’ or ‘trousseau’, which means ‘bundle’ in French, these squirrelled away packages were intended to furnish your new home, contain everything you might need for your honeymoon, or simply freshen up your wardrobe. We understand the importance of this little collection for the bride! Hence, we present a list for you. Here are five things picked by Wedding Affair that every bride must have in her trousseau.

A Heritage Saree

Six yards of sheer elegance never go out of fashion. Indian women carry a saree with the utmost elegance and grace. Although modern brides nowadays are opting for more western and indo-western outfits for her trousseau, a traditional Saree is a must-have. Be it a Kanjivaram Silk Saree from Tamil Nadu or a Bandhni/Bandhej Saree from Gujarat, these are evergreen pieces of attire that should adorn the bride’s trousseau.trousseau

A touch of Indo-Western

A bridal trousseau is incomplete without the perfect blend of dresses. A trousseau should have a range of Indian, western and indo-western dresses for heavy, light and regular wear occasions. Indo western outfits are a coalition of elements from Indian traditions and western world of apparels. These Indo-western looks include a fun styling experience of matching and accessorizing elements of both cultures to create an alluring ensemble. This ensures that the newly-wed bride has a variety of outfits for all types of events in the near future.

Bold Jewellery

A big, bold ring is a classic for every bride. A statement ring is a perfect piece of jewellery to own. Pair it with a traditional saree or a suit or just wear it with a beautiful cocktail gown for a night out with your friends for the perfect ensemble. Let the boldness of the statement ring define your personality out loud. This year, the emphasis is on bold, chunky jewellery–a triple-strand of big beads; a thick, geometric bangle; an oversized ring. Perhaps as a reaction to tough economic times, precious jewels have been stowed away, replaced with semiprecious stones such as lapis, pyrite and quartz; and materials such as horn, resin and even Lucite.

Dainty Earrings

With all the heavy dresses and the jewellery, dressing up every day can become an exhausting task for the newly-wed bride. There is always a way to keep your look light. The Wedding affair recommends opting for small, diamond stud earrings. These lightweight earrings will make you look chic and elegant without compromising on your look. It’s a perfect addition to a bride’s trousseau.

Skincare for the Glow

Every bride likes to doll up in the initial months of her marriage. All that makeup can take a toll on the bride’s skin if not handled properly. To maintain her glow after marriage, a good skincare routine is necessary for her trousseau. Apart from makeup, a bride must have a range of personal care products like a cleansing milk, rose water, moisturizer, night creams, lip balm etc. to protect her skin and maintain that everlasting glow.

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