Your bachelorette style inspo from Bollywood 


A fun day with your girlfriends is just the thing you need before the madness of the wedding begins. But, planning for the important bachelorette event  is not an easy feat, which is why we decided to provide some bachelorette outfit inspo from your very own to sell town. From classic dinner outfits to comfy  fits, our  guide will ensure that you look your stylish best on your special holiday!

Classic Slip dresses

classic black slip dress works wonders for a formal or vacay look. You can dress it up further by putting on some jewellery and a pair of heels, and dress it down by getting into comfy sneakers, whatever your mood and the occasion calls for.Pair it with feather-trimmed shoes, and you’ve got yourself a great look ahead of you 

Drapey silhouettes

Wrap dresses are a classic silhouette that flatter just about everyone,Again, this is not an entirely new trend. Draped outfits were also #1 among the Indian fashion trends , but they’re still going stronger than ever. Draped outfits re those in which the fabric is not just cut and stitched, but also draped in a unique way to give the look of a scarf or pleats.

short bling dress

And since bling is in fashion and even Bollywood celebs can be seen wearing it to the parties, this is the perfect time to get your own version of this trend for your bachelorette party.For your BFF’s bachelorette party, get into that short, bling dress and flaunt your fashion sense. It will not only look fab but also add to the party spirit of the night or vacation.

The Jumpsuit

jumpsuit is an instant outfit and you don’t have to worry about styling.You can play with different variants of pastels and get your jumpsuits customised. Bell sleeves or off-shoulders, totally your call. Do not forget to throw sunnies on in that sunshine! That’s all you need to have the most fun bachelorette party.

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