Your ultimate self-care christmas gifting guide


The clock is counting down to Christmas and it’s time to pick  those perfect self care gifts for your perfect loved ones. It’s a nice gesture to shower a friend or family member with love and appreciation during the holidays. 

While luxurious face masks and ice cream are tried-and-true self-soothers, they’re not the only gifts worth giving this year. To help you hit pause and indulge in some R&R with your lived ones this holiday season, we’ve rounded up a few delightful wellness necessities.

Instagram-able mini cakes 

Gorgeously frosted and customized themed cupcakes to make your celebrations Instagrammable and delicious at the same time!

Cozy Knit Pullover

Snuggle up in this oversized pullover that was practically made for work-from-home. The collar makes it a little more proper for outside wear without sacrificing ultimate comfort.

LED Wood Lamp

This cool desk lamp is a perfect gift for darker settings. It gives off a soft, warm light and has multiple dimmer settings. A cosy gift for a cosy holiday.

Calming Shower Steamers Gift Set

Fill your shower with lavender, eucalyptus, mint, and lemongrass with these pretty steamers. Let a bit of water splash onto a single cube, then hold it close to your nose as the essential oils give you an aromatherapy treat.

A thoughtful book 

A book that made a mark in your life can be something personal and beautiful to share. It’s like you are giving your lived ones a whole world for Christmas.

Custom flower arrangements

Florals have played a role throughout human history and while meaning and traditions may change from place to place, they still a universal part of human connection. So why not gift them with flowers to show a little love.