Your Perfect Destination Wedding Is Just 7 Steps Away


Most people are generally a little sceptical when it comes to planning a destination wedding due to the huge price tag associated with it. However, with smart planning and cost-cutting you can easily afford to have a grand and fabulous wedding at the destination of your dreams. The overall cost of an international destination seems exorbitant due to the travelling cost and living expenses. However, India, the land of many cultures, offers many picturesque locations for a destination wedding which will not burn a hole in your pocket. These tips and hacks will make you want to plan a destination wedding, ASAP!

1. Discovering The Perfect Venue

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Wedding destinations like Udaipur, Jaipur and Goa can be a tad too steep due to its popularity. By choosing unconventional destinations like Pondicherry, Kasauli or even Kerala you will have an option of low prices at good hotels. Now you can have a grander function which was not possible in the popular venues.

2. Wedding Gifts

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In the Indian wedding traditions, there are tons of gifts which are exchanged. This causes additional cost of a high magnitude which can be easily avoided by gifting small and meaningful gifts which have high sentimental value but are low on cost.

3. Food And Alcohol


Food and alcohol can cost a lot in the wedding as people consume loads of it during the festivities. To cut down cost you can carry your own alcohol or you can stock up on low-cost alcohol. Food items prepared with local ingredients cost less and you can also skip expensive food items like caviar or dragon fruit.

4. Makeup And Photographers


You can hire local makeup artists and photographers as they charge lesser. If you are adamant in hiring your favourite makeup artist then be prepared to pay a huge amount. But you can compensate for that costing by hiring a not so popular wedding photographer.

5. Guestlist

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Obviously, if the guest list is endless then your wedding bill is also going to be endless. To save yourself from that, you can invite limited guests like around 250 for the destination wedding and throw a large reception in your hometown with as many people you want.

6. Transportation


Flight tickets can cost a ton for a multiple number of guests which is not always economical and for an international destination the cost is phenomenally high. Places which are close by and easily accessible by road can save money as the guests generally prefer their own transport.

7. Plan Early

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Early birds get the best rewards as the prices of all the hotels and transportation is less. By booking six to four months prior to the wedding can get you the best deals and group packages with breakfast or dinner included. Large bookings always call for a huge discount too.  

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