Your Ultimate Guide To Post-Wedding Skincare


Your big day has just passed by, you’re definitely feeling exhausted and tired, but trust us, your skin is more tired than you are! It is likely that every woman has fed her skin with lots of makeup during her wedding month. Women tend to ignore their skincare as soon as they are done with their wedding day. Little do you know, this gives you all the more reason to gorge on a good skin care routine and give your skin back the nourishment it needs. We have some post-wedding skincare tips for you.

1. Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!

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Too much makeup clogs the pores of your skin and makes it flaky. A good scrub will unclog the pores, helps you get rid of dead skin cells and gives you a squeaky clean face. You can use a coffee scrub. It has coffee particles perfect in size to remove all the pollutants from the skin. You may add almond oil to it to make sure your skin stays hydrated and moisturized post scrubbing

2. A Soap-Free Cleanser

Your skin is too sensitive for the harsh chemicals in a soap-based cleanser. Non-soap cleansers don’t lather up for the good! They make sure your skin doesn’t run out of its natural oils and thus keeping it hydrated. Well, these often double up for a makeup remover as well! You can use it with or without water making it easier to use even while you’re travelling for your honeymoon!

3. Sunscreen


You are likely to be exploring the streets of your honeymoon destination and taking its strolls, thus likely to be exposed to the sun. Make it a point to use your sunscreen EVERYDAY! And even reapply it whenever possible. Your skin will thank you later.

4. Homemade Face Mask

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Face masks are a treat to your skin. They have all the goodness that your face needs. They keep your skin glowing and healthy from the inside. You can go for plain yoghurt face masks. You can add a spoon of almond oil and leave it for 15 minutes. You must be thinking we missed it? No, we didn’t! here it is. Drink lots and lots of water for a gorgeous skin!

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