Your ultimate pre & post holi skin guide


Chemical colours can’t be differentiated from natural colours at holi, cause when you play you play, but what you can anticipate is bad skin afterwards. That’s because chemicals can  causing rashes, acne, inflammation and other skin issues. And of course, not forgetting the hair which often suffers from breakage due to Holi colours

It’s been said that it’s best to generously apply coconut oil on your skin and hair as a pre-Holi home ritual so that the stubborn colours don’t affect the skin, but coconut oil itself may or may not irritate your skin depending on your skin types. So with changing times and environment we have brought the right skin care routine you can try to save your skin this holi. 

Petroleum jelly and sunscreen

Barriers are always the best, just like coconut oil baseline jelly is another alternative you can opt for to protect your skin. Using this method is a great way to prevent colour from messing up your skin so put Vaseline petroleum jelly before applying sunblock. It’ll form a barrier and the colour won’t penetrate in your skin

Greasy hair is the way to go 

You can use a cold-pressed almond oil, not a very heavy one and try to tie up your hair in a bun or plaid to reduce colour exposure as much as possible. If you have a dry scalp, use a heavier oil such as coconut or olive oil. For those with an oily scalp, opt for a lighter oil such as almond oil or rosehip oil. Do make sure not to  do any hair or face treatments before Holi, or anything that makes you sun sensitive.

Post holi 

Zero exfoliation 

Some colours might be stubborn and they might not leave the skin for a few days that does not mean it’s time to buy a loofah and go scrubbing on the skin. Instead, once you’ve taken a shower with your normal body wash, rub some oil. When you pat the oil from your skin, you will see colour come off on your towel. 

Avoid make up for a few days 

With irritated skin, it’s best to make sure your skin gets some rest. Go make up for free at least. A few days before applying harsh makeup with chemicals on your skin, this helps the pores in your skin breathe. Wait for a couple of days after Holi until all the colour comes off, and then you can opt for a nice gentle facial to help hydrate and nourish your skin.