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Team Bolly Jammers
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You know DJ is the one thing without which every Indian wedding is incomplete. It stirs in excitement, melody, and laughter to make you dance your heart out with perfect upbeat music! And that’s where Bolly Jammers come into play. A mélange of 7 extraordinary musicians who can bring life and fire to any event. 


Bolly Jammers are at the pinnacle of the DJ industry and are often called ‘revolutionary’ for their eccentric musical style. They have done a stunning 700+ live shows pan Asia and over 300 event management companies. They’re a big believer in music being a universal language, that connects and speaks to everyone. This exact ideology reflects in their performances which are nothing short of impeccable and heartwarming. 

Bolly Jammers Stunning Performance
Bolly Jammers Stunning Performance

Bolly Jammers Achievements

They’re renowned for boosting the energy of any event, making it hard for anyone to not groove on their beats. And if that wasn’t a testimonial enough— their list of achievements is endless.

Bolly Jammers have been awarded as the Best Live Entertainers for Weddings (Gold) At Wedding Sutra Influencers Awards, The Best Band for Weddings at Wow Awards Asia, Best Entertainer of the Year (Gold) At Ace Egypt by EMF, Most Popular Live Band at Best in Town Awards— all in the year 2022 alone. And it doesn’t end there, they’ve been awarded the prestigious Most Successful Artist of the Year (2020) At Zonal Spotlight Awards 2020 By EEMA. 

Bolly Jammers Achievements
Bolly Jammers Achievements

The Unique Voice Of the Band

What makes them stand out is their experience and deep understanding of Indian weddings— making them the perfect choice for many couples. After booking them, you wouldn’t have to worry about giving them instructions every step of the way as their professionalism and experience allows them to anticipate your needs and prepare accordingly. Needless to say, their priority is to capture the couple’s unique essence with their music, and they try to understand the bride and groom’s preferences beforehand. 


Bolly Jammers’ Talented Team

Their unique team includes the renowned Mayank Nagpal as vocalist, disc jockey and entertainer. In the role of Emcee, there is the versatile Swati Sharma. The soul of the band and lyricist – the most talented Arjun Sarkar. Vishu Rathore is the percussionist who never fails to take the audience by surprise with his flawless symphony. The drummer who brings an electrifying energy to the brand -Shivam Gandhi. Anna Radko brings in sweetness with her harmony and the charismatic Maria Grebennikova who stirs in tranquillity and romance with her flute. 


Their dynamic style allows you to choose from various genres for your different events. They play just the right music to compliment the ambience of the festivities including Jazz to Bollywood, to even soft romantic music. Their versatility makes them a top favourite of their clients who are mesmerized by the energy and aura the band brings.


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