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Cancelled weddings are changing women’s pregnancy plans

Facing social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions, weddings are getting postponed. Pregnancy is always filled with uncertainty.

Bridal makeup lookbook for a summer wedding

Wedding Affair has curated some looks. Try these bridal makeup looks by popular makeup artists and see your wedding look elevate.

MAD Paris returns with three custom Rolex watches

MAD Paris has returned with three new custom Rolex watches, this time around serving two Milgauss timepieces and one Datejust 36mm.

Thirty-minutes workout to get that summer body

The workout is a series done at high intensity, one after the other in rapid succession. Exercises are done in short bursts of activity.

Stop Acne: skincare guide for acne-prone skin

Wedding Affair brings to you exactly what works and what doesn’t. Here’s a simplified guide to clear skin you need to follow. 

Yoga Asanas To Get You In Shape

Wedding Affair brings to you some effective yoga asanas that will get you in shape before your big day. This will get you in shape and will also give peace.

Sexy bed-time games for couples

Playing sex games whether you are a new couple, or one that has been together forever is almost guaranteed to be a fun time.

Surrender is not consent for sexual intercourse: Kerala High...

Upholding the conviction in the case of rape of a minor, the Kerala High Court held that surrender cannot construe as consent for sexual intercourse.

The eye shadow palettes of your dreams

Understanding the need for the perfect eyes for the bride, Wedding Affair recommends some of the best eye shadow palettes for the bride.