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A Fashion Guide for Trousseau for the bride to make her look more beautiful than the belief she is. Bridal wear such as Lehenga, Sarees & Suits for her Wedding Day, Sangeet Night, Cocktail Party  from Fashion Designers, Boutiques, Top Stores. The Bride & Bridesmaids wants to wear the best and the most appropriate, latest fashion at the time all the wedding functions.

#GushingOverGraffiti- when fashion meets art!

We know that graffiti wasn’t really acceptable back then, but now it sure is a huge and dynamic part of the world of fashion.

#BeautyPersonified with Snapchat filters: Best filters to try out!

Speaking of Snapchat, here we have some of the best and the most beautiful-looking filters that might add more glamour to your Insta feed.

A red carpet treat: Best dressed looks from Cannes Film Festival...

it’s time to address the elephant in the room, the Cannes Fit Festival 2021, and some of the best-dressed looks from the event.

Katrina Kaif, a True inspiration: Birthday edition 

Wishing Katrina Kaif a happy, HAPPY birthday is a privilege because now we get to mention a few factors that inspire us the most about the actress

A ride into the #Blogger’sTown: 4 inspirational bloggers

here we have a list of four popular bloggers from the #InstaTown that you need to take inspiration from. 

#AllAboutAlia: Taking inspiration from Alia Bhatt’s closet

as for this session, we have Alia Bhatt and her fashion look book to follow and to take inspiration from. 

Fashion and “Friends”: Rachel, Monica, and Pheobe on the list!

There is always a list of celebrities that all you girls must be attracted to, right? So, how about getting inspired by the female...

Ranveer Singh on a roll to transform the fashion industry!!

There are several celebrities who might have a great impact on all of you in terms of fashion, but one thing assured that Ranveer...

Catching flights, not feelings!: Celebs and their Airport looks 

Airport looks are the talk of B-Town so have a look at a few celebrities and their awesome blossom airport looks to get inspired by. 

DP and her look book: Deepika Padukone edition

Deepika Padukone is all about style statements, so have a look at a few tips to take inspiration from her Deepika’s look book

Going gaga over Gigi Hadid’s style statements!

we have Gigi Hadid and a few of her style statements that you need to follow. So, c’mon let's go gaga over Gigi’s fashion looks.

Four tips for bridal outfits to follow: quarantine edition

We have a perfect set of outfit ideas for the brides to follow and look their best even after all those restrictions, have a look!