Beyond Yellow: Haldi Outfit Colours to Try Apart From Yellow

Haldi Outfit Ideas Apart From Yellow - Wedding Affair

The Haldi ceremony, a pre-wedding ritual in Indian weddings, is a joyous occasion filled with laughter, fun, and the vibrant hues of turmeric. When it comes to haldi, yellow has always been the go-to choice, however, now the trend has changed many modern brides and grooms are ditching the old yellow and opting for more vibrant colours in different hues. Let’s dive into the world of Haldi outfit and discover the array of colours that go beyond the customary yellow.

1. Elegant White

White Haldi Outfit

We are starting this list with a classic colour- white. No other colour reflects class and grace like a simple white does. White is not only an effortless colour but it also creates a minimalist look. The best part about picking white colour as your haldi outfit is that it can act as a blank canvas for the haldi to shine. The one and only stunning Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal opted for a white outfit for their haldi ceremony and we still can’t get over it.

2. Blast of Colours

Blast Of Colours

Another trend in haldi outfits is choosing vibrant and funky colours that complement the lively and fun vibes of the haldi décor. We saw Priyanka Chopra embracing a gorgeous colourful Anarkali for her haldi ceremony, which looked so fun and unique. Having beautiful colours in your haldi not only makes the environment look lively but it also gives off a positive and welcoming aura.

3. Coral Pink

Coral Pink

Coral pink is a warm and playful colour that adds a delightful pop to the Haldi celebration. This is a unique colour that adds a playful vibe to the haldi event. This hue radiates joy and looks especially charming when combined with traditional floral jewellery or floral-adorned hairstyles.

4. Lavender Purple

Lavender Haldi Outfit

Do you wish to bring sophistication to your Haldi outfits? Then lavender is the way for you. Lavender brings a sense of sophistication and elegance to the Haldi ceremony. A lavender-purple outfit adorned with floral jewellery creates a visually pleasing and distinctive look. This beautiful bride’s stunning Lavender lehenga for her haldi is truly an idea worth noting.

5. Blue Hues

Blue Hues

Beat the Wedding Blues with a stunning blue outfit for your haldi ceremony. This colour looks vibrant against the yellow colour of the haldi and is now becoming a favourite of brides and grooms. The blue-hued ensemble gives off a unique vibe that instantly grabs the eye.

6. Hot In Red

Red Outfit For Haldi

The colour combination of yellow and red has always been a fan favourite, picking up the vibrant red for your haldi ceremony will ensure that the spotlight is on you throughout the ceremony. This is a perfect option for those brides who are wearing a pastel or any other light colour on their wedding day but still wish to wear red, by doing this you will fulfil your want of some red. 

7. Hot Pink

Hot Pink Outfit

Hot Pink

Haldi is the time when you can actually experiment with funky and vibrant colours, and combine the yellow vibes of haldi with the vibrant hot pink to create a unique and fun look. Last year we saw many brides embracing the hot pink colour during their haldi ceremony.

8. Tangerine

Tangerine Outfit

Do you wish to have something similar to yellow but not yellow? Don’t worry, others might not understand you, but we do. To fulfil this wish you can go for a vibrant tangerine colour that will complement the vibe and decor perfectly.


While yellow remains the traditional choice for Haldi outfits, the exploration of vibrant and diverse colors adds a contemporary and personal touch to this celebratory occasion. Whether opting for pastels, bold hues, or variations of yellow, couples can embrace the joy of the Haldi ceremony in outfits that reflect their unique style and enhance the overall vibrancy of the pre-wedding festivities.