Head Turner – Shruti Haasan

Wedding Affair April-May 2016
Wedding Affair April-May 2016

Pretty eyes, a stunning smile that can captivate anyone in its allure, soft curls falling around her face, Shruti Hassan is a sight to delight, every time you set your eyes on her. Our April-May Issue (2016) captured one confident stunt of the beauty as she dazzled on the Lakme Fashion Week, Summer-Resort ramp in a pastel lehenga by Anushree Reddy. While oodles of credits go to, eminent makeup artist Daniel Bauer and the couture queen, Anushree Reddy for carefully curating the right shades of innocent love, and fresh beginnings for her, she was a treat to every eye as she sailed the ramp twirling in a floral delight an posing for the excited paparazzi.

Shruti at Shantanu Nikhil's Fall Winter Shoot
Shruti at Shantanu Nikhil’s Fall Winter Shoot

Not so long ago, Shruti Hassan was also featured as the ‘Desirable Women’ by Wedding Affair, and we documented her thoughts and aspirations thoroughly. One can say, we are crushing on her adorable ‘ada’ ever since she made her appearance as the shy but stunning Sona, in Ramaiya Vastavaiya. Here’s a #throwback to all that we accumulated from her previous interview with us.

Shruti – In her words!

“I am a creative person” Shruti said, her eyes shining bright with confidence. “There’s no other word that can define me better. Since childhood, I was deeply influenced by the creativity in my father’s profession. I had made up my mind, I wanted to do something relating to performance and creativity, and I’m doing just that.

Learning from her Parents

“Hard work! Yes, this is the mantra that I have learnt from my parents.”

Looking Back

“Whenever I look back at a moment that filled my life with joy, I think of the time when my baby sister Akshara was born.”

The Greatest Feat

“I haven’t achieved it yet.” Shruti murmus humbly. “Every day, I am walking on a road towards bring stronger and doing better! I don’t think I would ever feel that my achievements are enough and I like that about myself as it will drive me to do more and better in life.”

You Fear

“Snakes. I am really scared of snakes!” she ended the conversation right there leaving no opportunity to drag the full stop to a comma.

The Most Difficult Phase

“In the beginning of my career, people wrote me off” Shruti said. There’s so much criticism inside people these days. It is difficult to stand up to everyone’s expectations. “But I made it back” she said, “I am happy.”

 The Best and the Worst thing about your profession

“I love acting and my soul find’s peace in music. My profession allows me to practice my passion on a daily basis. I think it’s a blessing. Also, I love being busy, travelling and meeting new people is a huge part of my profession and I love it. The difficult part of my profession is that I keep packing and unpacking my suitcase continuously.

 The institution of marriage

“I don’t really know if I believe or not in the institution of marriage. I may someday get married but how, when, to whom is difficult for me to say. In today’s time, it is very difficult to keep a marriage happy. It’s a full time job so I really haven’t thought about it.”

The one thing people don’t know about you..

…That I am an insomniac!I guess, it’s a free gift with ‘creativity’


  • You are passionate about: Art.
  • Best compliment you have ever received: A random stranger came up to me and said that they kept playing my song because it defined their life.
  • Favorite holiday destination: Los Angeles, because I have so many friends there.
  • Favorite food: South Indian saapad, vegetarian Chennai saapad.
  • Traits You Love in a Man: Intelligence, Creativity, Talent and Honesty.
  • Favorite movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Mahanadi.
  • Your pick, a commercial flick or parallel cinema: A parallel cinema that runs commercially and a commercial flick with a parallel theme to it.
  • Love to you means: It means everything to me in the world.
  • Marriage to you means: Marriage to me is a mystery which I do not wish to solve anytime soon