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Changing Meaning Of Intimacy During Covid-19 Crisis

The entire world is undergoing an unprecedented lockdown. You cannot go out with your partner. You cannot try out different activities with them. This has changed the meaning of intimacy profoundly.

Indian Web Series That Every Couple Should Watch 

Web Series has taken the entire entertainment industry by storm. Apart from movies, here is a list of web series that couples should watch together to have a better understanding of relationships, marriages and what after.

Kajal Aggarwal Turns 35

Wedding Affair brings you a glimpse of beautiful actress Kajal Aggarwal's special day and also some of the best films she has worked in. 

4 Step guide to delve in Role-play Sex

Role-playing is the brainchild of creative minds. Remember how when in childhood we use to dress-up and pretend, similar is the concept of role-playing...

Sensate Focus: Rekindle Your Physical Pleasure

For a variety of insecurity reasons and owing to our concerns, we occasionally overlook our physical closeness with our partners amid all the stresses...

Why One Shouldn’t Fear An Arranged Marriage

In India, arranged marriages are still very common. Most people are still very keen on taking the arranged marriage route. It is considered to...

Movies Which Can Help Evolve Your Relationship 

Movies are a favourite pastime of most of us. Whether you’re sad or happy, going out on a date or going out with friends,  watching a movie always cheers you up. But watching movies with your partner can also make your relationship take a flight and fly high.

Mandatory Symbols of Marriage

Traditionally, there is more to a marriage in India than just celebration and fun. Various customs and rituals are associated with marriages which portray...

7 Tips To Heat Up The First Night

Your wedding day is on the edge and the idea of your first night is giving you jitters? Don't worry! It is oblivious to...

5 Sex Games That Will Spice Up Your Relationship

Sex games! Sounds interesting right? Sex games can help couples discover their erotic languages and deepest desires. It helps to enhance intimacy among the...

What his favorite Sex Position reveals about him?

Thought only animals gave way to their baser instincts? Every man is a reflection of what he prefers when he is 'in bed'. Sexuality...

Sexy bed-time games for couples

Playing sex games whether you are a new couple, or one that has been together forever is almost guaranteed to be a fun time.