Elegant Indian Groom Outfit Ideas for a Stunning Reception

Indian Groom Outfit Ideas - Wedding Affair

The wedding reception is the time when all the wedding customs are over and finally it’s the time to sit back, relax and party. The groom is often overshadowed by the bride, however, the reception is the time when the groom can give tough competition to the bride. Reception is a celebration of love and the perfect occasion for the Indian groom to showcase his style and elegance. Choosing the right outfit is crucial for making a lasting impression. Here are some sophisticated and trendy Indian groom outfit ideas that will undoubtedly turn heads at the reception.

1. Regal Sherwani


You can never go wrong with a regal sherwani, a classic sherwani is a timeless choice for a groom. Opt for rich fabrics like silk or velvet in deep, jewel tones such as maroon, navy, or emerald green. Intricate embroidery, zardozi work, and embellishments add a regal touch, making you look every bit the royal groom. This is a look that can be easily managed and gives a royal look to the groom, pair this up with a royal pair of jutti to put the whole look together.

2. Contemporary Bandhgala


For a modern twist, consider a well-tailored bandh gala suit. This Indian groom outfit seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary style. Choose a luxurious fabric like brocade or raw silk, and pair it with contrasting trousers for an effortlessly chic look. Make your look stand out with an embroidered shawl in a contrasting colour.

3. Velvet Glamour

Velvet Glamour

Want a look that makes you shine? Go for something that is velvet, as velvet exudes opulence and is perfect for a reception night. Select a velvet sherwani or a velvet jacket paired with a contrasting kurta. The plush texture of velvet adds a touch of luxury and ensures you stand out on your special day.

4. Manarkali


What? Sounds weird? A manarakli is the new trend in the men’s fashion world, a masterpiece created by none other than Siddartha Tytler to celebrate modern men’s fashion. A manarkali is nothing but an Anarkali kurta for guys. This is a fun twist in men’s clothing where most of the things are very basic. Just like an Anarkali, this kurta features a wide and huge flare, to give that extra wow factor. Pair this manarkali with a long jacket to complete the look.

5. Jodhpuri Excellence


The fashion sense of Rajasthani couture is something extraordinary, embrace the charm of Jodhpuri suits, known for their distinctive silhouette and royal appeal. A well-fitted Jodhpuri suit with intricate embroidery or subtle detailing is an excellent choice for a groom who wants to make a statement without being too ostentatious.

6. Indo-Western Fusion

If you are a modern groom who wants a trendy look, consider an Indo-Western fusion outfit. An Indo-Western look is the time when you can experiment. Combine a traditional kurta with stylish trousers or dhoti pants and a complementing jacket. Experiment with unique fabrics, colours, and cuts to create a contemporary ensemble that reflects your personality.

7. Dapper Tuxedo Ensemble


Class and charm = Tuxedo, for a groom who wants to exude sophistication and modernity, a tailored tuxedo ensemble is an excellent choice. Nothing looks better on a man than a classic tuxedo, you can opt for a well-fitted black or midnight blue tuxedo with subtle Indian elements like embroidered lapels or a contrast pocket square. This fusion of Western and Indian styles creates a suave and refined appearance.

8. Floral Embroidery Magic


This style of floral embroidery has been widely popularised by none other than Sabhya Sachi, delicate floral embroidery on men’s clothes reflects class and modernity. Incorporate the charm of floral embroidery into your reception outfit for a fresh and stylish look. Choose a sherwani adorned with intricate floral patterns or go for a kurta with subtle floral embroidery. This adds a touch of romance and elevates your ensemble to a whole new level.

9. Pastel Elegance

Pastel Outfit

Move away from traditional bold colours and embrace the charm of pastel shades. Soft hues like powder blue, blush pink, or mint green can make a groom stand out with understated elegance. Combine these pastel tones with intricate embroidery for a harmonious and refined appearance.

10. Personalized Touch

Personalised Touch In Groom's Outfit

Infuse your personality into the outfit by incorporating personalized elements. Monogrammed cuffs, bespoke embroidery, or even a customized colour palette can make your reception outfit truly one-of-a-kind, reflecting your style and taste.


These outfit ideas will make you outshine the bride at your reception. Selecting the perfect reception outfit is a key element in ensuring you look and feel your best on this special day. Whether you opt for a classic sherwani, a contemporary fusion ensemble, or a tailored tuxedo, the key is to choose an outfit that resonates with your style. With these diverse and elegant Indian groom outfit ideas, you’re sure to make a lasting impression at your wedding reception.