Jewellery Trends: Shades Of Signature Styles

Jewellery Trends - Wedding Affair

Jewellery is the dash of perfect spice, it adds drama and class to what’s already there. It is an element that elevates a bride’s look to new levels of magnificence. A millennial Indian bride can be best described as someone who is bold, independent and chooses the unconventional path. Her bridal bijouterie should reflect the same. A form of self-expression, jewellery represents the core of a bride. It demonstrates the everlasting dreams in a bride’s eyes that are a blend of her unconventional choices and modernized trends. A bride’s look is incomplete without the splendour of rich jewellery that adds ounces of glamour to her look. 

Nature’s meteorological spectrum of vibrant hues symbolizes hope and solidarity. From plush green to serene blue and blazing yellow, shades of jewellery are inspired by mother earth’s broad palette. Jewellery is currently going through a colourful saga of deep cobalt blue sapphires, plush green emeralds, ravishing red rubies and pristine white sophistication of diamonds. The allure of these colourful gemstones has never lost its fascination. Enduring signature styles, ultra-modern brides are opting for statement jewellery. Exuding unparalleled elegance with vibrant hues, this statement jewellery embodies beauty and exquisiteness. Let’s explore the gamut of colourful jewellery that showcases pure beauty and captivating magnificence.  

Lush Green Emeralds

Emeralds Beads Bracelet, Claudia Ma
Emeralds Beads Bracelet, Claudia Ma
A Diamond Necklace Studded With Emeralds, Bvlgari
A Diamond Necklace Studded With Tear Drop-Shaped Emeralds, Bvlgari
Emeralds Circumferenced By Diamonds In A Bracelet, Oscar Heyman
Emeralds Circumferenced By Diamonds In A Bracelet, Oscar Heyman

Emeralds are the luscious gemstones that are swinging high in the bridal jewellery trend. Crafted to add a minimal garnish and a pop of colour to your minimalistic outfit, emeralds are the foremost choice for ultra-modern brides. Acing the minimal quotient and signature looks, emeralds have the vigour to effortlessly apprehend your look. This bewitching gemstone can be worn dynamically with both ethnic and Western attires, making it an essential bijouterie for your trousseau. Teeming-green emeralds symbolise new beginnings, loyalty and a sense of security. Emeralds have a vitreous shine and a crystal structure in the form of hexagons. Available in an array of genres, this soothing green gemstone can range from Columbian to Carolina Emperor and Hydrothermal emerald gemstones. Emeralds are a mélange of chromium, vanadium, and iron present in the mineral beryl. For those infatuated with nominal splendour, emerald jewellery exuberates a modernized flair and empowered look, also having multifaceted properties. 

Ravishing Red Rubies 

Rubies Earring, Stenzhorn
A Floral Saga Of Rubies, Stenzhorn
Rubies And Diamond Necklace, Harry Winston
A Sleek Rubies And Diamonds Necklace, Harry Winston
Ruby Ring, Oscar Heyman Jewellery
A Sophisticated Ruby Ring With Diamonds, Oscar Heyman

Love blossoms in red. A tantalizing red-coloured gemstone, ruby will make you fall in love with its captivating aura. A fiery gem in the world of gemstones, rubies have been at the forefront of lore and luxury. Rubies are wildly called Ratnaraj, King of gemstones and have always been considered an excellent requisite for trousseau. Weddings are incomplete without the splash of red in them. Modern brides who want to embrace their traditional grace with a touch of modernized flair should opt for this inherent beauty. This red-coloured gemstone is a hot favourite and complements almost every style and aesthetic. Rubies are born due to intense pressure and extreme heat created deep within the earth. The astonishing colour of rubies is obtained due to traces of chromium present in them. When chromium replaces aluminium traces in corundum, it finally creates the magnificent ruby. 

Rubies have carved up their way to prominence in every culture in the world due to their characteristics and connotations. This alluring gemstone resonates with enthusiasm and passion. 

Blazing Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamond Earrings, Piaget
Yellow Diamond Earrings, Piaget
Yellow And White Diamonds Necklace, Harry Winston Jewellery
A Melange Of Yellow And White Diamonds, Harry Winston
Yellow Diamond, Graff Jewellery
A Blazing Yellow Diamond Ring, Graff

A new wave of trend flourished when Deepika Padukone channelled elegance on the Champagne-coloured ‘red’ carpet for Oscars 2023. She opted for a statement Cartier necklace that featured a stunning pear-shaped yellow diamond. From light to deep, there are a plethora of shades of yellow found in diamonds. Canary diamonds are the most captivating because of their pristine and intense yellow colour. The fancy yellow colour in natural diamonds occurs from nitrogen within the crystal lattice. These groups of nitrogen atoms are arranged in a certain manner that they absorb more light from the blue end of the spectrum, and therefore furnishes the stone with its yellow appearance. The lightest hue of the spectrum, the yellow colour is associated with joy and positive emotions. This radiating gemstone can be adorned with minimal hues like beige, taupe, grey, cream, brown and white. These yellow-coloured diamonds stand out in a sea of colourless diamonds. Selected for their rich intensity and gleaming brilliance, modern brides are now switching to yellow diamond jewellery that is much more sparkly. 

Serenity Of Blue Sapphires 

Sapphire Ring, Oscar Heyman Jewellery
A Dual Toned Diamond And Sapphire Ring, Oscar Heyman
Sapphire Necklace, Graff
A Deep Blue Necklace Of Sapphires, Graff
Sapphire Bracelet, Oscar Heyman
Dash Of Opulence With Diamond And Sapphire Bracelet, Oscar Heyman

This deep blue enchanting gemstone pulls its inspiration from the deep blue sea. This gemstone symbolizes royalty with a hint of modernity. Paving its way since ancient times, blue sapphires have been preserved in the chests of royal families. In Greece, sapphire was called sapphire or ‘blue coloured stone’, in Hebrew, it was called Sapir or ‘the most beautiful thing’ and in Sanskrit, the word Santi Priya meaning ‘dear to Saturn’ was another name for blue sapphire. The blue sapphire resonates with strength, harmony and loyalty. It is a blend of corundum or aluminium oxide and can be found in different colours. The stone’s colour fluctuates following the percentage of iron and titanium present during its formation. The stone’s colour deepens with the presence of iron and titanium. The sapphire blue colour can range from Kashmir blue to royal blue, cornflower blue and light blue. This breathtaking beauty embodies the energy of beauty and respite, a place where one can breathe elegance. As neutral tones are the new colours for the bridal silhouettes, the deep blue hue of sapphires complements best through the vibrancy and depth of its charm.