Wed on canvas: Capture your wedding in style


Looking at the famous works of artists in the past  it is easy to see why weddings were best captured in time through art for n between layers of colours are happy immortalised memories of your special big day.

Now this emerging trend in indian wedding entertainment has become  a favorite among couples and the family members of the bride and grooms. When painting your first dance or your wedding moment Brides and grooms can rely on wedding paintings, to be a crucial replacement for traditional photo booths or even flashy photo shoots .  This trend helps capture the excitement and romance of your big day and is essential for any wedding reception. For we should not forget that there was no camera before there was a painter.

So What is the process?

Prior to the event, check for artists who can do live painting and if you’re the bride or groom it’s best to always share any specific preferences you might have for  the painting like if you want your reception to be painted or any other details to be noted, you can also choose to have other details painted.  It’s best to inform your preference beforehand because every client has unique artistic tastes and you need to make sure you clarify everything before the big event. Consult with the artist a few months before the event to determine the preferred style, whether it be realistic, impressionistic, abstract, or a combination of these.

The final painting can also be made into separate canvas prints for family, friends and guests. Which will make for a great post wedding gift.  

Why live artwork?

Live event paintings create a memorable and unique experience for everyone.  Guests can enjoy a moment of quiet and reverent entertainment as they watch the painting form. It’s also very welcoming to the involvement of guests in the painting process.   Although photographers and videographers can capture the movements of an event, paintings can really capture the essence and passion of the beautiful, fleeting a bonus if you are having a Rajasthani royal theme for your wedding adding a painter to your wedding entertainment will be a sure hit.