Skin care trends set to dominate 2022


With its unending array of products, the beauty and skincare industry is a bottomless pit, intimidating for beginners and chaotic at best for enthusiasts. Here we have compiled a series of new skin care trends which will be the most of 2022

Blue light sunscreen 

A three finger sunscreen trick helps us  defend our skin against damage from UV rays, but that’s not the only kind of light you need protection from. With everyone working countless hours in front of the laptop and smartphones while completing our day-to-day work schedules. This everyday exposure to the screen doesn’t just compromise our vision but also our skin. It has been linked to skin-related concerns like hyperpigmentation, redness, inflammation, and collagen breakdown due to the blue light emitted by our screens. This is where the blue light sunscreen comes in. All you have to do is massage a ‘blue light’ sunscreen onto your body to protect your skin from screen-induced damage.

Minimal skin care 

With everyone from actresses to youtubers going towards the minimalist trend of Korean beauty. Yep, the idea of smooth spotless skin is sure to stay here. Be it a three step skin care or a 10 step routine, a skincare regimen is just one part of the bigger plan to achieve your best skin, so investing excessive time and money in products is not always that productive. So working with key ingredients which help your skin’s needs is the way to go rather than flood your pores with too much of everything. Stop confusing your skin and let it have what helps.

Sustainable skin care 

Natural products are booming at the moment, with natural and sustainable claims on the rise. With the growing demand for environmentally conscious consumers, transparency surrounding sourcing methods, production, ingredients and overall sustainability practices is key to maintaining loyalty and repeat business from existing and future customers.Similarly, certified products have nearly doubled as well, which is probably due to the rising consumer awareness on animal testing and green awareness.


We have included ‘microdosing’ as a trend in 2022. It involves the use of powerful ingredients in small amounts, such as vitamin-C, retinol and exfoliating acids, regularly to prevent irritation. Subtle treatments like mini facials will also be trending next year.