The Legacy Of Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery - Wedding Affair

With a dash of cultural heritage, temple jewellery radiates elegance and spirituality. The charm and opulence of glittering gold temple jewellery fascinate all and make it a quintessential bijouterie for a South Indian bride. 

South India is famous for many things, the finger-licking food served on plantain leaves, the tall palm trees embedded on the tranquil beaches, the resplendent silk sarees, the signature style of superstar Rajinikanth, the rich flora and fauna, thousands of intricately carved temples that narrates the saga of our rich history; the list is never-ending. Apart from these, one thing that counts as the essence of South India is the huge chests of gold. No woman exists whose heart doesn’t pound at the mention of lustrous gold. Every bride-to-be flocks to the South in search of the perfect style of gold ornaments for her big day.

Temple Jewellery With Coin Details
Timeless Creation Of Rich Temple Jewellery With Coin Details
Floral Motifs Kadha
Floral Motifs Kadha With Hints Of Red Hues
Beaded Necklace With Goddess Lakshmi
Beaded Necklace With Goddess Lakshmi Motif

Jewellery has the power to enhance your bridal look to new levels of magnificence. It is a form of self-expression. For a bride, these tremendous pieces of bling are an illustration of her dreams. Bridal fashion may have shifted to the modern flair by leaps and bounds but the heart still belongs to traditional grace. Gone are the days of minimalistic fashion, say hello to the era of big lush jewellery. It is time for all the brides-to-be to lather themselves up in dazzling pieces of jewellery. Ultra-modern brides who want to resemble their cultural roots and look awe-inspiring can opt for timeless temple jewellery. Temple jewellery has been one of the biggest identifiers of the southern region. The opulence and radiating shine of this gleaming bijouterie is making it a hot favourite of contemporary brides. Temple jewellery is available in a gamut of designs along with studded gemstones and hints of hues. They are now accompanied by pearls, emeralds and rubies to exude vibrancy and ultra-mod vibes. What’s better than embarking on your love journey on an auspicious note? With the blessing and vigour of gods and goddesses, intricately carved in the lush temple jewellery you can put your best foot forward on your special day. This regal jewellery with elaborately crafted designs of god is an excellent requisite for your trousseau.

Going Back To The Roots 

A Coin Detailed Choker
A Coin Detailed Choker With Colourful Floral Motifs

The regal look of the temple jewellery which originated in the 9th century forms an essential element of South India’s cultural heritage. This concept was initiated by bedecking the idols of gods and goddesses in the thickest and most heavy jewellery made of either chunky beads or elaborately crafted filigree. Temple jewellery was used in temples to adorn the gods and goddesses. This glittering gold jewellery ruled the ammadapetti (jewellery box) up until the 16th century during the reigns of great monarchs which included the Pandya dynasty, the Chola dynasty and the Krishnadeva Raya rule. Experienced and talented goldsmiths and craftsmen were employed to craft temple jewellery for members of Indian royal families, particularly for the kings and queens. The allure of this magnificent jewellery is upbeat to date. The Madurai temple is particularly known for owning some extremely valuable pieces of jewellery, especially the crowns embellished with navratnas or nine gems. Despite the Mughal and British rule that brought various influences in the jewellery designs and handicrafts, temple jewellery elegantly retained its original form.

Conte Of The Composition 

Gold Kadhas Studded With Diamond
Gold Kadhas Studded With Diamond
Gold Kamarbandh With Emerald Drops
Gold Kamarbandh With Emerald Drops

The captivating beauty and never tarnishing popularity make temple jewellery the foremost pick of the bride-to-be. Traditionally, temple jewellery was purely made from gold or silver, without the use of any gemstones or diamonds. It seeks inspiration from deities, temple tops and divine figurines. It is meticulously prepared by making dyes and moulds of embellished religious motifs such as tamarappu (lotus flower), kokku (crane) and makara (crocodile). Lord Ganesha, goddess Laxmi and temple toys are also engraved in these filigrees. Foils of gold, beaten metal and molten gold or dye are used to fill in the mould according to the specifications of the outcome. To construct the mould, gold and silver billets are rolled into flatter pieces, then cut into strips and bent into the desired shape. Once the component is set, they are soldered and then polished to keep the lustre of the piece intact. Intricate detailing, immense focus and delicate hands are required to epitomise the exquisite beauty.

The Celebrity Choice 

Gold Plated Choker With Dangling Strings
Gold Plated Choker With Dangling Strings Of Beads
Emerald Studded Gold Ring
An Emerald Studded Gold Ring

Temple jewellery which has always been an indispensable part of a South Indian bride’ ammadapetti, is soon spreading its wings to become an essential element for Northern brides as well. Paying tribute to beau Suraj Nambiar’s Malyali roots, Mouni Roy decked herself with 22-carat gold temple jewellery on her nuptials. She looked every bit of a quintessential South Indian bride. Against the backdrop of a white Kasavu silk saree with red and golden borders, she adorned a heavily embellished gold choker layered with a long haar and heavy pendant featuring a motif of Lord Ganesha, a matching mathapatti and kamarbandh. Her bold and unique mathapatti design effortlessly complemented the stack of gold bangles. Her ‘Drenched In Gold’ look was a delight for the eyes. For her kamarbandh, she opted for an envious piece that gained all the attention. The wider temple jewellery belt accentuated her waist and made her look truly stand out. Brides-to-be who decide on adorning noble gold for their wedding day should take inspiration from this splendid look.

Goddess Lakshmi Gold Choker
Goddess Lakshmi Gold Choker Accentuated

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s Konkani wedding ceremony witnessed the lavishing presence of temple jewellery. The blushing bride opted for a crisp zari Kanjeevaram silk saree layered with a temple jewellery-inspired choker. Her broad haar was accompanied by an even broader choker with hints of plush green and ravishing red hues. She adorned golden dangling jhumkas, a stack of kadha and a beautiful traditional mathapatti. Her look completed the vision of a modern bride with traditional precision. The actress revisited this timeless style for her first wedding anniversary. Her bridal red saree look was garnished by temple-style rani haar, matching choker and bold earrings. She kept her makeup minimal as her ensemble was enough to captivate all the attention. For her hairdo, she opted for a clean bun. Elegant, exquisite and extravagant is what describes the charm of temple jewellery. Take cues from the Bollywood divas and embrace your cultural significance with utmost grace and splendour of notable temple jewellery at your wedding soirees.