The Month Of Zodiac Sign – Cancer

Cancer Zodiac Sign - Wedding Affair

The month of the most intuitive and sensitive zodiac sign – Cancer has started. Cancer zodiac signs are highly emotional and sensitive. It is a water sign and is guided by their emotions and heart. Ruled by the moon, Cancers often deal with fleeting emotional patterns and require constant care and understanding. Being nurturing, sensitive, sympathetic, self-protective, security-seeking and care-giving, loving, and ingratiating sense of humour are typical characteristics of the sun in Cancer. They are considered natural-born caregivers. 

Cancer Traits 

Element: Water

Colour: White

Quality: Cardinal

Ruler: Moon

Greatest Compatibility: Capricorn, Taurus

Dates: June 21 – July 22

Day: Monday, Thursday

Strengths: Tenacious,  emotional, highly imaginative, loyal, sympathetic, persuasive

Weaknesses: Moody, manipulative, pessimistic, suspicious, insecure

Cancer likes: Quality time with their partner, a brunch date with friends, stress relieving – art, activities which are fun to do at home, helping loved ones, unwinding near or in water. 

Cancer dislikes: Uncomfortable around strangers, sharing personal life

Cancer Zodiac Sign Best Traits

Cancerians can be counted as the biggest moral support of your life. They are compassionate, humble, feel everything intensely, and capable of making good friends with their witty personality. They are the zodiac’s suppliers of thoughtful gifts, emoji-enhanced emails, and heartfelt conversations over hot cups of chamomile tea.

Cancer Romance Style 

Cancerians are considered tender lovers. Cancerians crave for people who can understand them through non-verbal communication and can foster a deep emotional connection. They are in search of a partner who can provide a sense of calm, emotional freedom and protection. Cancerians believe in sharing responsibilities and building a life together. They are romantic, loyal, and listen to what their heart wants. They have a great love life and favours committed relationships. Cancerians find it difficult to express their love wholeheartedly but put in as much effort as it needs to make their partner feel lovable. 

Cancer Sexual Style 

Cancerians are extremely sensual and sentimental in bed also. They require a special connection with their partner to enjoy sex. The greater the attachment, the more turned on Cancerians in the bedroom. Cancerians do not like to rush anything, especially when it comes  sex. They tend to enjoy sex slowly. They focus more on the foreplay rather than just achieving the orgasm. This sign is super sensitive in the chest area. Cancerian women will feel it enticing to fiddle with their upper body parts and Cancerian men will notice the upper body of the women first, so why not flaunt it?. Cancer zodiac sign people are not up for experimentation with sex positions, they enjoy tried and tested methods. This zodiac sign likes to indulge in oral sex, so next time give it a shot, maybe?

Signs Most Compatible With Cancer 

Signs that have the same elements like Cancer tend to sync with them the most. Taurus and Capricorn are two water signs that accompany well with Cancer. Cancer often sparks with a fellow sensual Scorpio, empathetic Pisces, or similarly sensitive caregiver Virgo. 

Signs Least Compatible With Cancer 

One zodiac sign that is least compatible with Cancer is Aquarius. Aquarians always demand freedom, which creates a problem for the Cancerians. For emotional empathy, they both have their different styles. Cancerians need someone who will be there when they have a problem or need to talk. Aquarians have a problem understanding the problem and figuring out the way to solve it.