The Month Of Zodiac Sign: Leo

Month Of Zodiac Sign - Leo - Wedding Affair

We might be a little late in our series of ‘The Month Of Zodiac Sign’ but here we are with a bang! Introducing you to the strongest zodiac sign of all – Leo. Leos are associated with the element of Fire, which makes them unique and stand out among a bunch of people. Leos are warm-hearted and love to enjoy their life to the fullest without any regrets. This zodiac sign has an ever-evolving zeal which helps them to learn more and focus on personal growth. Zodiac sign, Leo does not hesitate to achieve whatever they desire for and goes leaps and bounds to acquire things they have set their hearts on. 

Leo Traits 

Element: Fire

Colour: Gold, Yellow. Orange 

Quality: Fixed

Ruler: Sun

Greatest Compatibility: Libra & Gemini

Dates: July 23 – August 22

Day: Sunday

Strengths: passionate, witty personality, friendly, warm-hearted, creative, multi-tasker

Weaknesses: self-centred, manipulative, stubborn, arrogant, lazy

Leo Likes: partying, staycations, expensive gifts, happy times with friends, admiration

Leo Dislikes: not being praised, being ignored, not being the centre of attraction 

Best Traits

This Zodiac sign is ruled by the Sun. It is represented by the King of the jungle, the lion. As the lion rules the jungles, this zodiac sign is considered to be the centre of attraction wherever they go. These individuals have natural leadership qualities and have the zeal to excel in every work they do. Being dominant, creative and self-confident are some of the few qualities that Leo zodiac sign people possess. Leos have the vigour to achieve anything and everything that they put their minds to. In addition to this, Leo zodiac signs people have humorous personalities that helps them to be friends with everyone and to be the life of every party. 

Romance Style

Zodiac sign, Leo’s love language is giving and receiving compliments. They like to shower their love with cute compliments and lots of gifts. A generous zodiac sign, Leo are tender lover at heart but unleashes their animal spirit when needed. Exploring new cafes and restaurants and planning surprise staycations, random dinner dates or waiting outside your workplace with the widest smile are some of the sweetest gestures that a Leo zodiac sign can do for you. 

Leo Sexual Style

Leos are extremely adventurous and sincere when it comes to sex. They tend to bring energy and excitement to the bedroom. They are very considerate of their partner’s feelings and keep their sexual desires as their topmost priority. Leos enjoy being dominant in bed accompanied by a light bondage game with their partner, with their consent of course! They might not always look for intimacy and emotional connections in their sexual encounters. But, once you break the ceiling and reach their emotional core, you can experience true satisfaction and sexual intimacy with your Leo partner. 

Signs Most Compatible With Leo

Libra and Gemini are the two earth signs that are most compatible with Leo. As they say, opposite attracts, they are aggressive while on the other hand, Gemini and Libra zodiac signs are gentle. The opposite qualities of both zodiac signs attract each other well. Libra and Gemini both possess the quality of being supportive and helping others to move forward in life with confidence and devotion. The friendly behaviour of Leo’s zodiac sign and the gentleness of Libra and Gemini together forms a great bond resulting in a friendship that lasts forever. 

Signs Least Compatible With Leo 

A zodiac sign that is least compatible is Aquarius. Both the zodiac signs are friendly and people’s people which often led to clashes between the both. Leo believes in passion whereas the world of an Aquarius revolves around intellectual stimulation. For expressing their inner-self, they both have very different perspectives and ways of showing. Their eccentric and energetic aura makes them unique which might make the Leo partner feel overshadowed.