Things to remember while choosing the right wedding photo album


Wedding albums are irreparable as they freeze time to remember one of the biggest days of someone’s lives . They stay as an irreplaceable bouquet of memories that will hold a special place in your hearts forever. This is exactly why planning, creating and sharing a wedding album is a must! And it’s important to not just look for that best in the business photographer for your wedding but also for those perfectly made wedding albums to store away your wedding memories . It also helps to decide what pictures will go into the wedding album and the layout or the pictures that you want to include in your wedding album beforehand.

You can find various varieties online nowadays with  personalized covers to your wedding photo book. Some couples plan their wedding album designs and inspirations way ahead of the wedding whereas some couples spend days after the wedding curating the perfect wedding album so choose accordingl

Here we have some ideas and inspiration to create an amazing Indian wedding album design of your own fairytale.

The right size 

Today just like photos albums to come in different sizes.The first and the foremost thing when designing an Indian wedding album design is the size of the wedding album. Look out for sizes from 8×8, 12×12 etc. Albums of 11×14 inches depending on your photo collection. So , you  pick the size that you would want for your album and stick it away.The costs of these custom made ones usually  depend on the size of the wedding album or photo book you pick.

The material used 

Before you decide on the design of your album, you must choose the type of paper you want to stick on. There are plenty of options to choose from like a  matte finish paper or a glossy. An album with matte paper is also great as it looks crisper and is resilient to fingerprints. This type of paper offers non-glossy and a non-vibrant look to your album, but, is one of the most preferred papers by the photographers. The glossy album paper lends a shine to your album and makes it appear more colourful.

The cover design 

Another tip to get a gorgeous Indian wedding album design is to make a decision on the cover design for your album. Most commonly demanded cover designs include materials in silk, leather, suede and canvas.

But, you must pick a cover that gels fine with your album’s look and feels. To get the best cover design ideas, it’s a good idea to visit printing firms. Or, if you like, you can customise your own wedding album’s cover using laces and beads as well.