This season, make way for Velvet!


Velvet is the luxe fabric that has been in vogue on and off since time immemorial. The traits that make it so celebrated are its royal facade, its diverse usage in making accessories like shoes, handbags, velvet scarves and jackets to the more traditional lehengassherwanis, blouses and cholis. Recently, the fabric is seen dominating the runways of some of the most celebrated fashion designers all across the world.


This season, give a chance to Velvet to rule your wardrobe!

Indulge in Dark Hues

Velvet has always been known to impart grandeur and royalty. With the onset of winters, the magnificence is manifested with a preference shift towards darker hues for Velvet Couture. Go minimal in terms of the embellishments and embroidery work and choose a dark colour spectrum. You can also go for gold, deep blue and purple shades or mint shades complimented with bold purple strokes. 

A variety of Designs

Many fresh designs are making their way to the runways and becoming prominent in the fashion world. Drawing inspiration from western cultures, the Anarkalis with robes, wraps, royal drapes and cuts, jacket lehengas, frills and layers have seemed to glide down the runway. 

Rich Details to Embroidery

Many designers are experimenting but the latest vogue is plain Velvet with minimal embroidery.


Plain Velvet sherwani, with gold embellishments on pockets as well as gold button placket on the front, is making its way. Embroidery and embellishments, only on the sleeves and shoulders are making their way. Designers from Rohit Bal to Manish Malhotra, have employed this in their recent collection. You can go for plain atires that has gold or bronze embroidered sleeves or shoulders.