3 ways to get wedding fit without going to the gym


If your one of the ladies who do not like to work out but want to lose weight for your big day, then you have come to the right place.going on a crash diet is not the way to lose weight, rather an unhealthy way to gain bad metabolism which will eventually make you tired and weary.

So, if you want a flat tummy, then ensure to follow these latest fitness routines that you can adapt easily to stay in shape, which you’ve always wanted for your dream intimate wedding day.

Brisk wall or jog 

Regular walking offers many potential health benefits, including weight loss. It is also one of the easiest and most cost effective forms of exercise a person can do. Many people can walk regularly and reap the benefits of being more active. when people increased their pace to a run, they burned more calories. This study also showed that the group of runners weighed less overall than the walkers, suggesting that speed directly affects the number of calories a person burns while exercising.


While yoga might sound like a slower alternative to adapt at this point, every bride will agree that the benefits are multiple. From relieving stress to burning calories, a yoga session can do so much for the body that we tend to usually overlook.Maintaining the maximum flexibility in the body through yoga asanas so that movement of blood in veins is smooth where your heart and brain get maximum blood reach. 


Dance is an art form that has evolved over centuries and has now become a social pass time. But this activity is even good for your health and can help you shed maximum calories. As per a study, a person weighing 47 kilos can burn 240 calories by performing high energy dance for an hour. So, if dancing is your thing, include this incredible activity in daily routine.