Flaunt That Perfect Body With A Pre-Wedding Diet Plan


With everyone’s eyes on you, there is an unsaid pressure of looking the best on your wedding day. This pressure however might take a toll on your mental health and leave you restless. Relax we got you covered. We have jotted down some ground rules to help you achieve that flawless figure.

Quality Vs Quantity

Quality Food Vs Quantity For Pre Wedding Diet

Quality and quantity of food go hand in hand.  For suppose you choose to eat a bowl of muesli, brown rice, or grilled fish for your breakfast but you go overboard with it, the purpose is defeated then and there. Quantity outweighs quality in terms of weight management. Even if the food is highly nourishing, eating it in surplus would lead to weight gain. Contrarily, if you eat a pizza for the whole day there will likely be a calorie deficit. Neither of them is a feasible option for losing those extra inches. The bottom line, choose nutritious food options but eat them in a balanced quantity.

Time It Right

Time Your Pre Wedding Diet Plan Right

Our metabolic rate is at its peak with sunrise. As the sun goes down, so does our digestion ability. It is maximum between 7 am to 5 pm, therefore it is important not to wake up with tea or coffee. Make sure you avoid fasting and eat immediately 10-15 minutes later after waking up.  Eat fruits instead.  Don’t eat after long intervals, that would only result in overeating. Plan your meals after every two hours. This would make your body effective in burning fat. Make it a rule of thumb to fix a specific sleeping time and eat two hours before sleeping. Immediately sleeping after your meal would leave the food undigested leading to bloating. No food is fattening if you are wise enough to eat it at the right time.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

Weight loss will no longer seem unachievable when you follow the 60/40 rule, which is 60 percent what you eat and 40 percent how you exercise. Exercising is non-negotiable and is as important as maintaining a proper diet. Commit yourself to a regular workout routine with the right diet. Start with mild exercises like brisk walking, jogging, swimming, and bicycling gradually moving towards vigorously intense workouts like burpees, jumping jacks, high knees, planks, Russian twists, and push-ups which would boost your metabolic rate and drop that extra fat.      

Fad Diets Are A Big No

Say No To Fad Diets

Quick fixes don’t last for a longer period. As promising as it sounds fad diets can pave the way for serious repercussions like brittle nails, dry hair, dull and pigmented skin, dehydrated body You can’t miraculously melt your fat away overnight.  Starvation would only leave you drained and deprive you of essential nutrients required by the body to function. Cutting down on fats completely by using low-fat and sugar-free alternatives is a disaster for somebody trying to get in shape. Know that a certain amount of fats are required to absorb nutrients.

Hydration Above All Else

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking water plays a key role in fat loss and you can’t lose those extra kilos while skipping this step. Being hydrated and drinking a glass full of water every 2 hours flush out the toxins and speeds up the process of fat burning. It makes you feel full and automatically lowers your appetite.    

The Real ‘Glow-up’ Is Internal

Do Yoga For Internal Glow

Stress is a part and parcel of life and comes in the way of fat burning. Be it looking the best for your wedding or daily life worries, we have built a tendency to be stressed now and then. To let go of it get in touch with yourself by performing yoga and self-affirming meditations. It helps you relax your mind and body and destresses you. Practising yoga poses like Sukhasana (easy pose), Uttanasana (standing forward fold pose), Balasana (child’s pose), and Garudasana (eagle pose) will help your body release endorphins and rejuvenate from the inside out.

A Sample Pre-Wedding Diet Plan

Meal 1 (7-8 am)- Mango/Banana/a bowl full of papaya or any other fruit of your choice

Meal 2 (8:30-10 pm)-Porridge/muesli, milk, and nuts/2 egg white omelette/2 slices of whole wheat bread  (preferably post work-out )              

Meal 3 (10:30-12:30)- Grilled chicken with 2 pieces of toast/1 chapati with omelette or veggies of your choice

Meal 4-(1-3pm) -veggie sandwich/idli, dosa

Meal 5 (3:30 -5) -A bowl of curd/chapati and bhaji

Meal 6 (5-5:30) -Soy or skim milk/a handful of nuts/bean and pasta soup

Meal 7 (7-7:30 pm) -Brown rice, dal, fish/roasted peppers, and other veggies, grilled fish/2 chapatis and sabzi