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How to stay Fit at Home during this Festive Season

During the festive season, it usually gets tough to maintain a healthy workout routine. With instant plans to meet relatives and invite friends over...

Quick Home workout for a flat tummy

Working out from the comfort of one’s home is the most effective and easy way to lose weight. To gain the perfect shape of...

Certain activities that keep you active 

Sometimes we get in a phase of our life where we often feel tired but it is important to snap out of that phase and adopt a healthier routine

“Beetroot”: an ultimate addition to your daily diet

There are certain elements that seem not that tasteful in terms of maintaining a healthy diet. One such element that acts as an ultimate...

How to stay active while you’re working from home

This seems fine for two to three days max, but this should never be your trope. Everyone needs to be active in order to be healthy and happy.

Things to avoid a week before the wedding: Bridal edition

Listed below are a few things all the brides should specifically avoid, a week before their wedding. 

Foods that can contribute in improving your sex drive

We always have an urge to improve our sex drive and some of us go to any lengths to improve

No more chicken legs: best exercises for bulky thighs 

Believe us no one wants to be called that and here are a few exercises that will help you add some bulk to your thighs. 

Foods to #Binge during your menstrual cycle

listen up ladies! Here are a few foods that can help you stay healthy and deal with your menstrual cramps. 

Post makeup routine: skincare tips to follow 

Getting all dolled up for a party and doing dapper makeup sure feels good, but you will have to make sure to clean all that up

4 Ways to get yourself all calm and composed

as for this article, we are here to your rescue! Listed below are a few tips to maintain your mental peace without taking help from trained counselors. 

Ways to follow sustainable weight loss effectively 

Many people go to many extremes to lose weight but still, they can’t seem to do it. However, we have few methods that will surely give you results.