6 Essential Products You Should Keep in Your Vanity


You vanity is a sacred place where you can find all your skincare and makeup products. It keeps your accessories organized and will give you a sense of accomplishment. It is literally a girl’s best friend.

Given below are some of the products which every girl should have is her vanity.

    1. Wet wipes

Wet wipes are quite a versatile product. From cleaning your sweaty face to removing makeup or simply just cleaning something spilled, wet wipes can come handy and are useful for every situation. These also help in maintaining hygiene.

Wet Wipes
    1. Moisturizer/ Cream

Dryness is the enemy of your skin. It can cause itchiness, wrinkles, fine lines etc. Hydration is the key to have a good and healthy skin. Moisturizer helps in keeping the skin plump and help in preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging in the long run.

Hydration is very important
    1. Sunscreen

SPF is the most important item in your skincare routine. It prevents you from harmful UV rays and also protects your skin from damages against pollution, dirt, dust etc. Skincare is an essential which one should apply at regular intervals irrespective of the season or of occasion.

SPF is very important
    1. Q-tips

Very underrated yet quite a useful product, Q-tips will save you from multiple troubles and complications. From dirty ears to spoiled eyeliners, Q-tips will save you from many embarrassments.

    1. Nail Filer/ Nail Cutter

It is a quite pertinent for a nail to break at worst possible moments, and then it ends up ruining your beautiful manicure and its unevenness will only annoy you into trying to bite it into shape. Avoid this and keep a nail cutter or a nail filer to prevent this kind of situation from happening.

Nail cutters come in quite handy
    1. Scrunchies

As much as we adore our beautiful tresses, these can get quite annoying especially when you are doing your makeup or working on something important. Having scrunchies at hand will help you in keeping your beautiful mane away from your face. You can also invest in a silk or satin scrunchie to prevent breakage.

Tie your hair back with Scrunchies

Thus, having these essential items in your vanity will save you from unpredictable situations. You will be prepared to take on any challenge and feel like the boss you are!