Be-Dazzling With The Blush Era

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This summer, look enigmatic with the beauty’s best trend flourishing over the internet, the overdose of blush being one of them. Remember how our grandmothers used to pinch their cheeks for quick redness or Tiktok’s viral reel where a girl used a half-eaten cherry as tint? You guessed it right! We cannot get over blush in 2023. This year is poised to see the resurgence of the ‘Oh-So-Cute’ blush era.

Our love affair with Blush is a tale as old as time. Since ancient eras, people have been obsessed with adding colour to their faces. Greeks used mulberry pulp for the dash of colour while Egyptians used red ochre mixed with fat on their cheeks. With the growing popularity of blush, along with faux freckles and flushed cheeks, the blush trend has become a cult favorite. Blush adds natural colour to the skin. Giving a nod to the minimalistic look, it can be worn sophisticatedly or you can pop bold and bright colours. Available in various forms like powder, cream, gel, and liquid, blushes can add a touch of feminine allure to your face.

Blush Products For The Blush Era

There is an unending dilemma of whether you should use cream blush or powder blush. For toning products like foundation or blush, one should always keep their skin type in mind. Cream blush is found in tubes, wands, compacts, and twist-up sticks and is perfect for dry skin. It offers a dewy and illuminating finish. It can be blended more easily to create unique shades. People with oily skin should avoid using cream blush as it will add the extra ounces of shine which you are trying to avoid. Appropriate for oily skin types, powder blushes are mostly found in classic compacts. For a softer and matte finish like glow, one should go for powder blush. They are available in a wide range of colours and last longer than cream blush. A blush look is not only about dabbing it all over your cheeks, it now involves huge experimentation. WA is here to help you sail through the best of blush crazes.

Douyin Blush Trend

Hailey Bieber Sunburnt Look - Blush Era
Hailey Bieber’s Sunburnt Look

Taking over Instagram and Tik-Tok feeds, the Douyin blush trend is blowing minds. It is perfect for people seeking a natural look. The Douyin Blush trend involves applying the product all over your face and not only emphasising a single point. This serene look focuses on your cheekbones, nose, and chin to create a sun-kissed, doll-like look. The blush contours your face and gives it a good lift. Exuding a sunburn flush, this trend has elevated the sun-kissed look to the next level. Start by applying a liquid or cream blush in the shape of a little V to the high points of your cheekbones, chin, and tip of your nose on bare skin or a makeup base.

Subtle Flush

Subtle Blush Era

The fresh and dewy glowing face is one of the top make-up trends of the year. A glow-from-within appeal, this trend looks so natural.  Subtle blush makes you look put together and glamorous without much effort. This subtle look is the easiest to achieve. One must use cream-based products while going for this look. Apply a huge amount of liquid blush and top it up with your favourite foundation that will dilute the vibrant colour. Subtle flush suits many people’s aesthetics, from light academia to brown beauties, anyone can apprehend this blush era trend.

Mid Tone Blushing

Mid Tone Blushing For The Blush Era
The Raging Mid-Tone Blushing

The ‘less is more’ trend is becoming increasingly popular. Embracing yourself in the rawest form is the mantra now. The drifting flushed and airbrushed look, mid-tone blushing can perfectly complement your natural enigma. Kylie Jenner sported this cohesive makeup look and left everyone stunned.  Light-toned face powder and two different shades of blush are some products that can be used to achieve this look. Start by applying blush on the apple of your cheeks and baking your under-eyes with the brightening powder and strategically outwards to the edges of your face and down the side of your nose. Finish the look by applying a lighter blush over the top of the brightening powder and blend it like a goddess.

Blush Draping

Blush Draping
Lady Gaga Drenched In Blush

Retro makeup trend from the 70s is on the rise this year, including blush draping. This dramatic blush era trend is for bold beauties seeking an edgy touch. From the aesthetic feed of Ariana Grande to Lady Gaga’s look at the Oscars 2023, blush draping is receiving love from everyone. This unique style of blushing involves contouring the face with blush instead of bronzer. You can easily get this look by applying blush in a “C” shape starting from the temple region and down towards the cheekbones and then slightly over the outer edges of your brows.

Bold and Blurred

Bold And Blurred Blush
The Bold And Blurred Look

This spring season, the new addition of blurring formulas that makes pores disappear is all the rage. This natural blush era trend is well-suited for people with fairy-core aesthetics. It builds natural warmth on the skin and softens the pores and textures. Applying blush in a way that creates a diffused and blended effect, this look involves steering away from the centre of the face and opting for a more sculpted look. Go for sculpting on the apple of the cheeks and wrapping it underneath the cheekbone. It gives a natural and youthful glow to the cheeks. This uber-creamy flair adds sophistication and charm to your personality.