Bird Lounge, The Pinnacle Of A Luxury Airport Experience

Bird Lounge - Wedding Affair

Sliding into a luxury lounge atmosphere is a smart move if you’re blessed with lots of time to invest. You may enjoy an opulent experience at Bird Lounge, which offers you an opportunity to get away from the commotion of a crowded airport and the shifting of baggage.

You may take full advantage of the free snacks, the Wi-Fi, and a comfortable chair to unwind while reading your favourite book, catch up on emails from work, or enjoy some free refreshments. Bird Lounge can turn your downtime into a fun airport lounge experience by providing you with a wide range of services, elegance, and comfort. The Bird Lounge is the ultimate destination for comfort and convenience, offering everything from tempting meals to flight monitors, free Wi-Fi access to exquisite beverages. This airport lounge is an excellent location for you to relax and recharge before your trip, regardless of whether you are flying domestically or overseas.

Benefits Of Bird Lounge

Airport Lounge - Bird LoungeThe lounge gives you various features that ensure exceptional airport lounge exposure, making it suitable for repeat visitors. Here are a few advantages of visiting Bird Lounge. Premium food to sate your appetite

  1. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  2. Wi-Fi and air-conditioned seating
  3. Delectable snacks
  4. Flight supervised for early boarding
  5. TV to binge-watch your favourite show
  6. Magazines and newspapers
  7. Outside the lounge, there is a separate smoking area.

Endless Flavours At Airport Lounge

Food At Bird LoungeAt the delectable layover, savour the diverse selection of cuisines, from Italian to Asian food. Bird Lounge specializes in several in-house culinary brands with a hint of Indian tadka for quick eats.


Sicily features an active cooking approach with a selection of pasta and pizza dishes. Depending on your dietary requirements, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizza and pasta can be supplied. Even better, choose the “Make your own Pizza” option and engage in a quick, enjoyable baking activity.

Sesame, Sicily - Bird LoungesSesame

Sesame is a pan-Asian restaurant that offers vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian choices for soups and dim sum. Each of these dishes is served with rice or noodles, giving off the ideal Chinese food ambience!


Saunf - Airport Bird LoungeSaunf is your saviour if you’re a North Indian who requests Dal Makhani everywhere you go! A wide range of kebabs and tikkas are served with Indian bread as part of Saunf, a North Indian cuisine that specialises in Mughlai food.


Don’t overlook the mouth-watering cuisine of South India. Tamarind will provide you with options for Dosas, Uthappams, Idlis, and combination meals enhanced with the coconut chutney that is the soul of South Indian food.

Board bar

Board BarA specialised bar focused that serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as delectable food designed just for you.

Obtaining Entry To The Lounge

Bird LoungeYou only need to provide your travel documentation at the gate to obtain entry to the lounge. Moreover, you must display your boarding card to access the lounge if you are travelling in first or business class.


The Bird Lounge is where you’ll get the best airport experience! It offers you a delightful experience at various locations including Bhubaneshwar, Trivandrum, Lucknow, Calicut, and Dehradun among others. Feel like royalty at this airport lounge, which offers a wide variety of essential as well as top-notch amenities along with outstanding services.

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