Caravan trips are the new way to travel


Travelling today is a whole new game, with covid giving many people the spooks to travel, it’s a convenient choice to just pack a bag and head out on a path less followed-ultimate Mobile Van travel, the newest and most safest travel method.travellingnthrough rental vans is the best way to do it when it comes to road trips. This need not be just any van and can even be in your car or on hire. This has been predicted to be the biggest travel trend for 2022.Taking it up a notch will be recreational vehicles, aka RVs, to traverse the myriad terrains of the country.

So there is no need to worry anymore about travel folks, caravans are here to rescue you from the shackles of the mundane. A camper van or caravan is basically a vehicle that has a place to sleep for those who make a journey. At a time when one is feeling particularly wary of living in hotels or homestays, caravans are the perfect option as it allows one to travel without having to come in contact with many people.

Also known as motorhomes, RVs or caravans are an established way of travelling and exploring in the west.  For many, #VanLife is a lifestyle choice and has become a trend with YouTubers. In India, it has remained an aspiration an idea. But in a post-COVID world, the aspiration is indeed becoming a reality. There has also been many recent launches of  LuxeCampers in the India market and has now suddenly thrown the spotlight on the untapped niche. 

Suggested by indian tourism 

One thing many do not know is that the ministry of tourism in India initially discussed the use of camper vans or RVs in India in 2009-10. Known as Caravan Tourism, the policy has detailed developmental and promotional requisites for the propagation of RVs for tourism. More interesting is the fact that while many states have toyed with the idea of RVs as a viable tourism product, success was elusive. Madhya Pradesh was the only state that managed to get the ground running with two ‘caravans’ in 2014 and they also won awards for the initiative. 

Drawbacks with nature 

The biggest draw of caravans is the ability to be closer to nature as beautiful as it is it can be quite challenging. One of the biggest minuses of this mode of travel is the eco-friendly element  The image of exhaust fumes immediately pops up in mind along with human waste and trash. And this brings about the question on how does one keep the carbon footprint in check? Many campers should find ways to try and minimise waste when using campers and organisations conducting camping tours should also think of ways to address this  A well thought out and researched plan of action can address this issue.