Bridal hairdos to rock this season

From pretty ponytails to the classic half-up, half-down style, Wedding Affair brings to you the prettiest hairdos you can try for your wedding.

Taking care of coloured hair

Wedding Affair brings to you some very important tips you should follow to make your coloured hair last longer. Thank us later.

Knocking the bottom out of common shampoo myths 

These are some basic and important common shampoo myths which are debunked to make your hair game better, stronger, healthier. 

Hairmasks for long hair

Wedding Affair brings to you an efficient and smart way to prevent and stop hair loss permanently is to try out some homemade hair masks.

Protective hairstyles brides must try

Wedding Affair brings to you a list of easy protective hairstyles that every bride must try for long and luscious hair before her wedding day.

Ways to disguise a Bad Hair day 

Here is a compilation of very easy hairdos which can disguise your bad hair days for those times when you are left with no other options. 

Maintaining healthy mane this season

Wedding Affair brings to you all the things that you need to keep in mind to keep your hair healthy, wealthy and shining this season.

Herbs That Enhance Hair Volume – Ayurvedic Delights 

There is no spellbinding projectile for growing hair, but research has shown that some herbs may help revivify the hair growth cycle.

Hair care tips to follow this summer

Wedding Affair brings to you some bewildering hair tips for all hair types to ensure you care for your locks in the sun. This season take care of your hair.

Quarantine Self Care: Luscious Locks Edition

Wedding Affair recommends following hair care tips, that can be easily followed at home, to let your hair breathe and recover naturally.

Bombshell Hair and Makeup Trends You Would Wanna Try In 2020

With 2020, a whole decade came to a close, we are glad certain beauty and hair trends also found their much-needed closure, like the squiggly eye-brows trend, the overboard tan or the overdrawn lips, oh lord if we shall only be forgiven for these horrendous sins.

Steal-Worthy Celebrity Inspired Hairdo

Celebrities have always been an inspiration for the masses. One of the major things is how these celebrities style their hair. Wedding Affair brings you celeb-inspired hairdos that any girl can ace.