#Trendy hair fads to get equipped with

Let’s talk about some of the hottest hair colour trends that are taking fashionistas by storm this season.

Hairmasks to keep dandruff at bay

There are plenty of products to treat dandruff. Wedding Affair brings to you some hairmasks to get rid of dandruff.

Hairstyles for pre-wedding functions

Every girl wants to look flawless for her pre-wedding and wedding functions. Fret not as Wedding Affair brings to you three bridal hairstyles.

Avoid these hair mistakes on your big day

Taking care of hair is crucial in the wedding because they are a pivotal. Here are some hair tips for you to follow on your big day.

Unconventional bridal hairstyles to choose from

Wedding Affair has researched and listed five fabulous hairstyles that you should choose to look traditional yet trendy.

Hairstyles for the discerning bride

Hairstyles for brides are about that soft touch and dainty look. Wedding Affair enlists some extremely gorgeous hairstyles for the brides.

Wear your hair according to your face shape!

Let us tell you, not every hair style works best for every face shape. Let’s discover the different hair style you can choose that will flatter your face shape.

Tackling dandruff during monsoon

Wedding Affair brings to you anything and everything you need to know to combat dandruff during this beautiful season of monsoon.

Hairstyle trends: Dreamy *bridesmaids* looks!

To add the perfect playful vibe to a bridesmaid’s look, Wedding Affair suggests hairstyles for her! Take a look at these gorgeous looks!

Protect your hair from humidity this season

Should we chop our hair down? Or just let them be? Wedding Affair lists 5 things you can try to escape the humidity this scorching season.

Ways to prevent hair thinning

There are many things you can do to slow or stop hair loss. Wedding Affair brings to you a few things you can do to prevent hair thinning.

Monsoon proof haircare arsenal for the bride

Monsoon tends to make hair limp, lustreless and frizzy, owing to lot of humidity in the air. Wedding Affair brings to you some handy hacks to help you out.