Skincare Guide for Bride this Holi

Skincare Guide for Bride this Holi

Pre and post holi skincare tips

Here are simple pre and post holi skin care tips to ensure that bridal skin stays flawless and healthy throughout the festival.

Holi is a special festival for newly married or engaged couples and you should look the best for the first festival with your fiancé or spouse.

Skincare Guide for Bride this Holi

Pre-Holi Skin Prep

A week before Holi, don’t take any facial treatments two to three days before playing holi. If you are a bride-to-be, try to avoid facial treatments before you play Holi. After facial, your skin needs to stay away from any exposure, as it could get irritated from the colours. If no facial is done, gently exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and promote better absorption of protective products. Opt for a gentle scrub or chemical exfoliant like AHA or BHA depending on your skin type.

Drink plenty of water before the festival of Holi arrives. This nourishes your skin from within and keeps it off the drying effects of gulal. Moisturise regularly with a lightweight, oil-free lotion to maintain a healthy moisture.

Don’t forget sun protection on Holi. Even if the weather seems cloudy, apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen at least 15 minutes before heading out. Reapply every two hours, especially if you’re sweating or getting exposed to liquid colour on holi.

Pre-Holi Skin Prep

Holi Essentials for Skin

Apply a thin layer of coconut oil or almond oil on your face and exposed areas like your neck and arms. These natural oils create a barrier on the skin and make it easier to remove holi colour later.

Don’t forget your lips and apply a thick layer of lip balm with spf to keep the lips hydrated and protected from the drying effects of colours.

Apply a shade of clear or nude nail polish instead of bright colours on your nails this holi. This will prevent the gulal or pakka rang  from staining your nails and makes the process of cleaning up easier.

Post-Holi Skin Care

Post-Holi Skin Care

Start by removing the holi colour from your skin with a gentle cleanser with coconut oil base. Massage this oil gently on your face and wipe off the holi colours with a soft cloth.

Avoid harsh scrubs usage on your skin immediately after playing Holi. Your skin will be sensitive in this span, thus opt for a gentle face wash or go natural and use besan to  remove any remaining colour and dirt left on your skin after holi festivities.

After cleansing gently, use a hydrating toner and a soothing moisturiser to get back the lost moisture. If anything irritates your skin, flush with cold water and consult a dermatologist to calm any irritation. Aloe vera gel and coconut oil are the best post-Holi skin care essentials for its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. Use a calming face mask with ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, or oatmeal that help soothe irritation and redness.

Do’s for Holi Celebration

Tie your hair back in a braid or bun to minimise the holi colours exposure on hair. Apply a leave-in conditioner or good amount of coconut/mustard or olive oil  for added protection. Wear comfortable soothing clothes for playing holi that don’t irritate your skin when they get wet or stained. Choose organic, chemical-free gulal as harsh chemicals can irritate your skin, for playing holi with the love of your life. 

For newlyweds or the bride-to-be, enjoying the festival with a skincare routine for Holi to look radiant even after playing with the colours to steal the spotlight with the looks. So, embrace the vibrant colours, celebrate with love, and emerge from the festivities with a glowing complexion and a heart full of joy.