Holi Ideas for Newly Married Couple

Opt for vibrant, safe, and certified organic colour for playing holi.

Many newly married couple or in relation couples might be also thinking about what unique things to do to make their holi a memorable festival of colors. Here are some fun and romantic ideas to make your first Holi as couple truly special.

Holi Themed Photo shoot

Capture the magic of your first Holi together with a fun photo shoot. Capture these fun moments with photos and videos to create lasting memories. Get creative with colourful props like water balloons, pichkaris, and flower garlands. You can even recreate iconic Holi scenes from Bollywood movies or pose with vibrant rangoli. This photoshoot will be a cherishing reminder of your first Holi as a married couple.

Holi Themed Photo shoot

Intimate Pre-Holi Party

Set the mood for a playful celebration for the night before Holi. Prepare a special Holi-themed dinner together with colourful dishes like phirni and ghujiya. Put on some romantic music and light some scented candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Plan a playful color fight using fragrant  rose petals for just the two of you.

Matching Holi Outfits 

Get dressed up with your partner in same colour or type of dress. You can both choose to make the celebrations special by choosing to wear a  twinning traditional attire or go western with twinning t-shirts. Don’t forget to indulge in doing fun in this occasion because first times are always special for newly weds and are a memories to cherish forever.

Cook Together Holi snacks

Holi celebrations are not complete until there is some good food added up to the holi event. Make memories in the kitchen with your partner. If you two are not into cooking, then take help of the some chefs videos  or take tips from elders in the family to prepare dishes for everyone.

Matching Holi Outfits

Organic colour for Holi

Get some good quality, natural colors like gulal made from beetroot, turmeric, and other safe ingredients. Holi is all about letting loose and having fun. Head to a park or open area with your partner, dressed in comfortable clothes. Start with a playful color throw, taking turns showering each other in vibrant hues. 

Holi Thandai

Holi parties are a good excuse to get a bit tipsy with the rituals. Being your first Holi celebration together as a couple, you must be a little careful. There are recipes to make a good bhang thandai and every friend can have their own  version of thandai. Don’t restrict yourself but also do not push yourself to the limit of heavy hangover. Also, make sure that your partner is aware of your whereabouts.

Holi parties are a good excuse to get a bit tipsy with the rituals.

Holi Dinner 

Invite your family and close friends for a post-Holi dinner party. Share stories and laughter as you recall the holi celebrations. Prepare a delicious spread of traditional Holi delicacies like Dahi Bhalla, ghujiya and puri- sabzi. This gathering allows you to extend the Holi joy and create lasting memories with loved ones.

 Road Trip

Road Trip

Pack up your essentials and drive to a peaceful romantic getaway with your partner. You can choose to drive to a holi celebration destinations like Mathura (UP) or  Pushkar (Rajasthan) for the ultimate holi celebrations. These places offer a whole different experience away from the ususal, with your partner.

Holi Scavenger Hunt 

Make this Holi celebration adventurous by adding  scavenger hunt to your Holi celebrations. Hide colourful clues around your house or neighbourhood, each leading to a different coloured gulal. The final clue can lead to a hidden gift or a special surprise for your partner. This playful activity adds a layer of excitement and keeps the celebration interactive. The gift could be anything like a pair of earing to a pack of chocolate.

Post-Holi Ritual

After the vibrant chaos of Holi, it’s time for some relaxation and pampering. Clean up all the Holi colors, prepare a soothing bath with rose water and essential oils to help remove the colors gently. Give each other relaxing massages using fragrant coconut oil or lotions, catch up on your relaxing nap. This post-Holi ritual will help you unwind and appreciate the quiet moments together after the joyous celebration with everyone around.

Holi is a vibrant festival that celebrates love, joy, and the start of spring. As a newly married couple, embrace the spirit of Holi and create beautiful memories that will strengthen your bond and add a splash of color to your first year of marriage!