First Night Wedding Gifts to Excite Him!


Well, women usually expect a gift from their new husband right after the wedding. But do men do? If yes, it is good. But if not, that is even better! Appreciating your hubby is a blissful thing to do, and what time would be more perfect than the night of your wedding? The moment where you two realize that it finally happened and now you are going to spend the rest of your lives together. Here are some exclusive picks for your husband that you can invest in to bring a huge smile on his face, and a happy mark on his heart –

  1. Liquor
Celebrate love by gifting him a bottle of liquor.

Alcohol really is a man’s best friend, in all the right manners. And you might want to think this one through, as a man could have multiple tastes, but is one thing that completely drools him away. Skip the whiskey and the vodka, and choose from a fancy bottle of champagne or wine, even bourbon could do the thing. Men love when women invest in alcohol for them and fall head over heels after opening the bottle. Search for the finest quality and present it to him with pretty glasses.

  1. Pair of sneakers
Sneakers would be perfect for your husband.

Another thing that men have a profound love for, after you, of course, are sneakers. You must have seen many Instagram posts with the famous “sneakerheads” of the town. Well, isn’t your man one too? While Nike Air Jordans are one of the most famed collections of all time, you could look up this wish list and pick his favorite right away. Although these things are pretty materialistic, the reaction that you will receive from him upon receiving those sneakers is going to be priceless!

  1. Gadget of his choice
The latest gadgets are going to blow his mind.

It’s a fact that men are more intrigued by the latest technology than women. You will have a bunch of options to choose from here. Ladies don’t think that gadgets and technology are a distraction for your man, it is rather something they are passionate about. Explore amongst the high-tech shavers and trimmers, a game that he loves like PS5, a sound system, the latest smartwatch, anything that he is drawn towards.

  1. Vintage watch
Vintage watches are elegant and do the job pretty well.

Timeless gifts are often bound with the grace of time. Watches are the most recommended gifts for men, by men themselves! They really are obsessed with flaunting the most classic and one-of-a-kind collection of watches. Let’s just accept the fact that men have very few accessories to flaunt, so those that exist in that list, actually matter to them. You could pick the latest launch in the time market, or opt for a vintage piece that has been preserved over the years. Pull a Carrie Bradshaw over him and engrave a special message at the back of the watch – how romantic!

  1. Your wedding vows
Compile all your love and hand it over to him.

Men may not express it, but they melt when their lady love expresses her affection in the most obvious manners. It doesn’t matter if she did it in a unique way, or cliché, this thing sweeps their hearts. If you want to give a personalized gift to your husband, pen down both of your wedding vows and compile it into a pretty book. Gift it to him and acknowledge the bond that you both share. It really will be the warmest encounter where you both will always remember your promises in good memory.

  1. Life-size portrait
Wake up with him with a wall-size portrait of you both.

Imagine waking up every day to a beautiful and massive wall-sized portrait of you two. Feels homely right? This gift could take up some time but it is definitely worth the shot. Capture a high-resolution picture of yours and high a skilled team to either paint it on one of the walls of your bedroom or place a secured poster on it. blindfold your man and make him stand before the portrait. Unfold him and tadaa! There you two are, smiling at one of the happy memories of your love.

  1. Grooming kit
Grooming kits for his well-being.

Want to take care of your man by all means? Gift him a grooming kit. These kits are often unappreciated, but they do the job pretty well. Well, this could include something for his hair and beard, even for his body. Most men are inclined towards looking after their hair, so that is what you need to focus on. Also, try to imbibe things that we might enjoy taking up for the first time. These could be mini perfumes, hair oils, vegan shampoos, and trimmers for on-the-go.