Groom’s Checklist for Wedding Day

Groom's Wedding Day Checklist - Wedding Affair

One of the most memorable days in anyone’s life is their wedding. However, you may likely overlook your D-Day necessities amid all the wedding planning and potential wedding shenanigans. Your partner needs bridesmaids to take care of her necessities, and you need to have your luggage ready as well. Wedding Affair presents you with an essential groom list for your wedding day that you cannot afford to miss at home.

D-Day Attire

Groom's Wedding AttireConsidering that you had to select your ideal style—something you would be comfortable in, something that suits your wedding theme, if there was one, and most significantly, something that would match your future bride, choosing your wedding clothing may have been different. When it comes to an Indian groom’s wedding clothing, it might not seem like there are many components, but there are layers, so make sure you carry everything and check this on your groom’s list for the wedding. All of everything, including your kurta, jacket, bottoms, shawl, or pagri, should be ironed beforehand and packed first thing to pack days before your big day.

Wedding Accessories

Accessories For GroomThankfully, you won’t need to stress as much about accessories as your partner will, but they aren’t so little that you can forget to bring them on the final day. The wedding ring is the most crucial item to pack and check again before leaving home on your groom’s list for the wedding. Also, get ready with your necklace to wear over your dress, your kalgi for your pagri and its strings, and any brooches or handkerchiefs for the outfit’s pockets. Make sure to carry your diamond stud earrings if you enjoy wearing jewellery on your ears so that they can sparkle on your D-Day, accentuating your overall appearance.

Shoes & Socks

Shoes For GroomsDuring the stressful time of wedding preparation, it is simple to miss this. Bring the shoes you intend to wear on D-Day along with the appropriate socks. Pack toe covers or invisible socks if you intend to wear traditional Mojaries so that you can be both comfy and fashionable. If you tend to have sweaty feet, bring extra socks. Along with that, bring an additional pair of shoes just in case—and no, your sister-in-law snatching your shoes for the ceremony is not an emergency.

Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit For GroomNot only are emergency packs for the brides but also for the grooms. It contains a few crucial items that the groom should keep on hand such as a disposable razor, shaving gel, buttons, deodorant, hair products, a handkerchief, lip balm, a snack, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a nail kit, scissors, tablets, safety pins, and cufflinks, among other things. While checking onto that groom list for the wedding make sure to bring some bandages with you as well to protect your partner and yourself from those nasty and painful shoe bites.

Wallet & Perfume

Wallet For GroomsWhen going into your wedding, these are a requirement so make sure to include these in your groom list for the wedding. Without a doubt, we know how useful perfumes are for summer weddings. In addition, having a high-quality wallet with cash in it will spare you the embarrassment of being asked for money as a ritual by everyone.

Hair Products

Hair Products For GroomsYour hair should look the best to enhance your D-Day Look. Purchase quality hair products that won’t damage your hair by making wise choices. To maintain flawless hairstyles for a long time, buy hair cream, hair serum, or hair spray. Remember to bring your brushes and dryer, too.