How to stay Motivated in Post-Covid era?

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It has been a challenging year for each one of us. While some of us have had a long time dealing with unwanted anxiety arisen due to the continuous series of lockdowns, others have struggled with the hectic schedule of working from home. Deprived of social interaction and physical activity, we have all been the victims of lack of inspiration and motivation. Nevertheless, one has to keep going! We have listed below a few ways in which you can stay motivated in the post covid era:

Set realistic Goals

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If one wants to achieve an output, it is initially essential to set realistic goals for oneself. Relying on the magic of short-term progress involves a lot of practical thinking. To stay motivated, one should focus on the tasks he has at hand in the present and strive to achieve the required output.  

Do not compare yourself with others

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Having immense trust in the universe and knowing that things will happen at their own pace in their own time, will give you the strength to believe in yourself. It is futile to compare oneself with others because everyone has their destiny. Never hurry to match the standards set by your peers and be a part of the rat race! It only builds unwanted stress and mental pressure. 

Be Mindful 

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Finding time to relax your mind, body and soul will help you to think positively in the post covid era. You must make it mandatory to have 8 hours of sleep apart from inculcating a habit of meditating to balance the chakras in the body.

Believe in a little progress every day

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With the mindset that “each day counts”, keep going and don’t settle unless you achieve your target. It might be hard to contribute a little each day for a long period but this process will surely yield praiseworthy results. In this way, one also stays occupied in the day’s tasks, which eventually helps in reducing daydreaming and overthinking.

If you have lately been dealing with the feeling of purposelessness and lacking motivation, then it is highly recommended that you follow the above pointers to get your life back on track.