Intricate Craftsmanship And Excellence With JKJ Jewellers

Bridal Jewellery By JKJ Jewellers - Wedding Affair

“Jewellery tells a story without even a single word” – Michael Rosey West. 

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. It is the day when you celebrate your gushing love affair. Your bridal jewellery narrates your love tale so adorn yourself with bridal jewellery that speaks nothing but magnificence. One such brand that is the connoisseur of intricate craftsmanship and excellence is JKJ Jewellers. Jewellery from JKJ Jewellers will perfectly tell your love saga blended with elegance and opulence. 

JKJ Jewellers – A Legacy To Be Praised 

One of the most renowned brands in India, JKJ Jewellers has carved its name in the jewellery industry with utmost dedication and hard work. With its excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail, JKJ Jewellers has been in the business for the last 150 years and has raised the bar for its competitors. Counted as one of the finest jewellers in Jaipur, JKJ Jewellers is profoundly known for its traditional hand-crafted jewellery and polki jewellery. The motto of this brand is to prioritise the customer’s needs and desires and fulfil them with sheer elegance and top-notch quality. The jewellery magnate and brain behind this brand, Mr. Rajkumar Mosun takes pride in curating a brand that ticks every box of the needs of the customers. To started this brand to embrace his undying love and enthusiasm for jewellery. Each piece curated at JKJ Jewellers, honours, promotes and inculcates an elaborate jewellery-making procedure. JKJ Jewellers understand the core of the modern bride, how they are independent, ambitious and ready to take the unconventional route, hence curating jewellery pieces that reflect their inner-self. 

Bridal Jewellery For The Ultra-Modern Bride 

Polki Bridal Necklace

Polki Necklace

Polki bridal jewellery is the hottest pick for every Indian bride. This polki choker necklace is the epitome of pure magnificence. It has a blend of two motifs enhanced with a pop of colour of emeralds. The cascading pearls are what elevate the beauty of this bridal necklace. The uniquely designed eardrops accompanied with this necklace are a statement piece in itself. This set has a vibrant mix of diamonds, emeralds, gold and pearls simply perfect for Indian rituals and ceremonies. Polki’s ancestral legacy speaks of beauty, elegance and splendour. The beauty of polki jewellery is it can be incorporated with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and many other gemstones.  

Temple Bridal Jewellery

Temple Jewellery

The foremost choice of South Indian brides, Temple Jewellery has a legacy of its own. These lush golden jewellery are widely worn by South Indian brides but now they are spreading their feathers towards North India as well. North Indian brides are adoring this auspicious piece of bridal jewellery on their big day and initiating a new realm of extravaganza. This humungous temple choker necklace is intricately crafted and will catch the attention of the onlookers within seconds. It has a goddess in the middle and various other temple designs on the sides. It comes with matching eardrops that have a round design with cascading gold beads. What adds extra oomph to this bridal jewellery set is the temple jewellery kadha which is also adorned by a goddess motif. These radiating bridal temple jewellery will garner all the attention on your big day. 

Rajasthani Jewellery 

Rajasthani Jewellery

The beauty of a Rajasthani bride is its splendour jewellery that exudes regal and bold vibes. This Rajasthani jewellery by JKJ Jewellers is a must-have for all Rajasthani brides. The choker also known as aad has a broad rectangular locket and a beaded necklace. It is made of gold and studded with colourful gems. Another important element of the Rajasthani bridal jewellery set is the armlet which is also known as bajubandh. It has intricate meenakari work and is studded with precious stones. The aad and bajubandh are accompanied by heavy bangles and kadhas. Cap off the Rajasthani bridal look with a maximal ring. These luscious gold bridal jewellery sets will captivate all the attention on your big day. 

Fusion Bridal Jewellery 

Fusion Jewellery

Brides, who don’t want to take the usual route and look extraordinary on their big day can opt for fusion bridal jewellery. They are minimal but also exude a statement look. This bridal jewellery has ravishing rubies as the necklace and glistening diamonds in the pendant. The necklace is accentuated to new levels of sophistication with a pop of colour in the centre of the pendant of emerald. Such bridal jewellery pieces go well with brides whose aesthetic is minimal and opt for pastel lehenga which is in vogue right now. 

Diamond Bridal Jewellery 

Diamond Jewellery By JKJ Jewellers

They say ‘Diamonds are a woman’s best friend’, well why won’t they be? These shimmering gemstones have the vigour to elevate every look within seconds. They can be paired with anything and everything, whether you are a pastel bride or a red bride, diamond bridal jewellery can change your fashion game. It can be accentuated with different gemstones like ravishing red rubies, plush green emeralds, deep blue sapphires or glistening yellow diamonds. Take cues from Bollywood sensation Kiara Advani who recently tied the knot all dripped in diamonds and emeralds.

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