Oh Cinderella! Where’re Your Shoes?


Finalized your outfit, but still aren’t sure of the right footwear? Hm, that’s one huge task left to be done. Although footwear under your heavy couture may not always be visible, you can feel it at all times, which is why, it needs to be super classy and easy to carry throughout. Let us have a look at a number of options that you can choose from to complete your one in a million attire –

  1. Goblet Heels
Princess feels with goblet heels.

Probably the cutest footwear of all times, which still hasn’t gained immense popularity, are goblet heels. These are low rise heels that give us all of the princess feels. For brides who want to accentuate their look, but are unable to carry 5 inches under their foot, goblet heels are meant for you. There is something so minimal, yet so chic about this gear that it adds the right amount of adore to your bridal ensemble.

  1. Juttis
A pretty pair of juttis.

All the Punjabi kudis, say Eyyyooo! Popularly worn in the Northern parts of India and in Pakistan, juttis are an all-time favorite for women. Usually made out of leather, juttis are hand-crafted and embroidered flat shoes that come in various designs, ranging from daily college wear to embellished wedding wear. Ladies who will be wearing a suit on their big day must definitely choose juttis as their footwear. Also, the women who refuse to wear heels of any size, juttis are your best friends.

  1. Metallic Heels
Chic metallic heels.

Ah, well what can we say about these kinds of heels. Elegant and sophisticated, elevated and firm, metallic heels are certainly a must-have in your shoe closet. What’s better to include these in your wedding couture. These are the most worn and heartly chosen footwear by most women as they provide an elite finish to your entire get-up. And whether you choose a golden metallic a silver metallic, or even a rose gold metallic, none of them are going to disappoint you.

  1. Classic Stilettos
Yes we want this beautiful pair of stilettos too!

There is a reason why these are called classic stilettos. Where nothing fits right, wear a stiletto. Its true how heels boost your confidence, but you cannot deny the fact that stilettos do it in their own way. Thin heels and pointed toes, with bright shades and minimal designs, this pair of footgear is surely going to satisfy you to the core. But flash warning – stilettos are only meant for those with strong heels and knees, otherwise, you will be injuring yourself right in the middle of a ceremony.

  1. Comfy Wedges
Comfy wedges for the brides.

Finally, something that shouts COMFORT. Wedges are platform heels that have a continuous level of elevation running below the sole of the shoe. These kinds of heels support your feet at the right places, almost like no heels at all. If you are looking for a pair that adds the X factor while keeping your soles at peace, go for an embellished pair or even an embroidered pair, and forget the rest.

  1. Peppy Sneakers
Bridal sneakers.

We know you were waiting for this desperately. Sneakers have been gaining an extra amount of fame nowadays, thanks to the less care, more fun brides out there. Ladies have been choosing to wear comfy sneakers to add that oh-so-casual touch to their hefty outfits. And we truly support the idea. After all, who doesn’t want to miss the chance to run away! Just kidding, please don’t run away. All we’re saying, is that if you want to wear something out of the box, do not think beyond sneakers – that’s it, that’s the right choice.

So, these were our top suggestions for your bridal look. But in the end, you have to choose, what suits your taste and comfort, at the same time. After all, you cannot get happily married with a broken foot!

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