Romantic Adventure In Ladakh

Honeymoon In Ladakh - Wedding Affair

Nestled amongst snow-capped hills and spectacular Gompas, India welcomes you to romanticise the dramatically crowned terrains of Ladakh.

Pangong Tso Lake
Nature Sleeping In Turquoise-Blue Hues

Where the skies meet the ground, in the middle of nature’s symphonic tapestry, Ladakh is a place where love may be fully explored. Tucked away among the towering Himalayan hills, Ladakh is nestled amongst the major part of Kashmir, bordering India, China and Pakistan on all three sides. This union territory boasts mysticism that attracts couples from all over the globe. The moment you step foot in this paradisiacal heaven, you’ll be greeted by the adrenaline-gushing sights of Leh at an altitude of 3,524 m (11,562 ft). One might remember the special closeness that can only be conjured in Ladakh as you snuggle together under a canopy of stars in Nubra and murmur vows of forever in the solitude of the cosmos at Pangong Tso. Honeymooning in Ladakh has never been better! As you enter this magical world, let your hearts join, and your spirits soar in the highest plateau in India. Your love story will be written in stone in the annals of time, and Ladakh is waiting to make its permanent stamp on your hearts.

Pangong Tso Lake

Colorful Pangong Lake
Colourful Bliss At Pangong Tso Lake
Shanti Stupa In Leh
Find Solace At Shanti Stupa In Leh

Pangong Lake is a romantic haven hidden among the snow-capped hills of the Himalayas. As the sun sets and casts a golden light over the place, the show of colours will leave you stunned. The lake is situated at an altitude of approximately 4,350 meters (14,270 feet) above sea level. Pangong Tso Lake is at its best throughout the months of May to July, which span the peak of summer and the beginning of autumn. Pangong Tso Lake is surrounded by beautiful hiking paths and routes with spectacular scenery. Hiking excursions of varying lengths are available, allowing you to explore the harsh landscape and take in breathtaking views. You and your partner may spend a romantic evening by the fire, taking in the peaceful atmosphere and starry sky.

How to Reach: It takes around five hours to travel from Leh to Pangong Tso. From Leh, you may take a taxi to Pangong Lake.

Peaceful Stays: Fana Resort, Pangong Retreat Camp, The Pangong Residency

Nubra Valley

Statue Of Buddha At Diskit Monastery
Statue Of Buddha At Diskit Monastery In Nubra Valley

The captivating Nubra Valley, often known as the “Oasis of Love,” can be found in the very centre of Ladakh. Located at a more manageable height than Leh, this beautiful valley has an unusual environment of towering sand dunes, luscious orchards, and lush foliage. It lies at an average altitude of around 3,048 meters (10,000 feet) above sea level. May through September, when temperatures are mild and the area is less prone to snow, is the ideal time to explore this valley. Nubra is every outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Undertake hikes to discover undiscovered pathways, scenic valleys, and rough mountains. Honeymooners may enjoy the calmness and magnificence of Nubra as they celebrate their newfound love. Nubra Valley’s tranquil environment and desert-like scenery make it the perfect location for some fancy clicks and double-hump camel safaris, which by rare chances, are only found in this region!

How to Reach: Travelling via the Khardung La road is the most popular, simple, and fastest route. This highway is used by more than 90% of travellers to reach Nubra Valley.

Peaceful Stays: Lchang Nang Retreat-THE HOUSE OF TREES, Chamba Camp Diskit by TUTC, The Kyagar, Stone Hedge Hotel

Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill
An Ode To Love Amidst The Tranquility Of The Hills

Get ready to be fascinated by the mysterious phenomena of Magnetic Hill, where you and your surroundings appear to form a magnetic relationship, thanks to the interplay of natural forces. Magnetic Hill, located on the Leh-Kargil-Srinagar route, is a popular tourist attraction because it seems to defy gravity. It lies at an altitude of approximately 3,500 meters (11,483 feet) above sea level. The summer months of May through September provide the most pleasant temperatures and sunshine for a trip to Magnetic Hill and the surrounding Ladakh region. Magnetic Hill is conveniently accessible to many other sightseeing spots. You may also visit the Spituk Monastery and the Likir Monastery, both of which are close by. Relax and enjoy the peaceful and romantic scenery with your loved one provided by the area’s majestic mountains, expansive valleys, and brilliant blue sky.

How to Reach:  To reach Magnetic Hill, take a cab. The Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway will get you there in about 40 minutes.

Peaceful Stays: The Kaal, Hotel Cho Palace, Skara Hotel, The Saraha

Hemis Monastery

Yaks In Ladakh
Yaks On ‘The Land Of The Mystic Lamas’
Hemis Monastery
Exploring The Insides Of The Hemis Monastery

Hemis Monastery dates back to the 17th century and is the biggest and richest monastery in Ladakh. It is situated 45 km away from Leh and is usually the topmost pick when it comes to exploring the spiritual retreat of Ladakh. It is nestled amidst the scenic beauty of the Hemis National Park, at an altitude of around 3,800 meters above sea level. The summer months of May through July provide the most pleasant temperatures in Ladakh, making this time of year ideal for a trip to Hemis Monastery. Hemis National Park offers numerous trekking and hiking trails around. You might find flocks of tourists there, learning about the many spiritual traditions of Ladakh and appreciating the wonderful artwork.

How to Reach: To reach Hemis Monastery, you will have to travel towards the small town of Karu on the Manali-Leh Highway.

Peaceful stays: The Bodhi Tree Hotel, The Driftwood, The Grand Dragon Ladakh

Tso Moriri Lake

Tso Moriri Lake
Incredible Tso Moriri Lake On Changthang Plateau

Tso Moriri is a tranquil and pure lake that, despite its gorgeous surroundings, provides a mesmerizing mirror of love. It is a remote lake that lies at an altitude of about 4,522 meters (14,836 feet) above sea level. Tso Moriri Lake is nestled in the famous Changthang area surrounded by Ladakh, Tibet and Zanskar ranges on all three sides. Your honeymoon trip will be one for the ages if you choose to visit this wonderful location. The best time to visit Tso Moriri Lake is during the summer months, from May to September just like the other regions of Ladakh. The majesty of Tso Moriri Lake’s setting will astound you upon arrival. The snow-capped mountains and brilliant blue sky create a bizarre and breathtaking scene reflected in the lake’s deep blue waters. Explore the views of Zanskar Range, a drive away from the lake to fill your heart with breezy vibes.

How to Reach:  Tso Moriri Lake is located at a distance of 213 km from Leh town, the capital of Ladakh. The route from Leh to Tso Moriri Lake via Chumathang is a direct route.

Peaceful Stays: Tsomoriri Hotel Lake View, Rupshow Residency, Tso Moriri Camp and Resort 

Lamayuru Monastery

Thikse Monastery
Spiritual Practice At The Thikse Monastery

Lamayuru Monastery, nicknamed “Moonland” for its lunar landscape, is a location where spirituality comes to life, providing newlyweds with a unique opportunity to deepen their bond. It is situated on the Leh-Srinagar Highway at an altitude of approximately 3,510 meters (11,516 feet) above sea level. The beautiful monastery houses around 300 devoted monks practising daily rituals. The summer months, April through July have the most pleasant temperatures and are thus the ideal time to visit Lamayuru Monastery. The sight of the whitewashed walls and artistically adorned prayer halls of Lamayuru Monastery set against the background of dazzling mountains is enough to evoke feelings of awe. Lamayuru is conveniently situated near a number of Ladakhi hiking trails like Darcha Trek and Wanla Trek. Visit distant settlements and hike across rough terrain while taking in stunning vistas of the Himalayas or choose to embark on a trekking adventure to make your trip to Lamayuru count.

How to Reach: The best way to reach Lamayuru is by hiring a cab/taxi or on a bike or by your private vehicle.

Peaceful Stays: Wanla River Homestay, Dragon Hotel Lamayuru