Gear up for Wedding Season: Upcoming auspicious wedding dates in 2021!

Image: News Track

We have been waiting for the wedding season all year round. Now finally the wait is over as the upcoming months, from November 2021 to July 2022 are very auspicious for the weddings to take place. We were all deprived of huge gatherings and big wedding celebrations due to the Covid norms laid by the government in the last year. However, with crossed fingers and a hopeful spirit, we wish to say a happy goodbye to the pandemic era and get ourselves ready for the lovely vibes of the upcoming wedding season. 


Hindus are very particular about confirming the Shubh Vivah Mahurat as we call it in Hindi, which means an auspicious date for the marriage. They generally go to the family priest of the most trusted and well-known priest that they have known for years and rely on his calculations. 

There were no auspicious wedding dates in August, September and October 2021. But fortunately, these months have passed and hopefully, they have given you enough time to prepare for your upcoming wedding celebrations. However, the months November and December of 2021 are very auspicious but make sure to arrange your wedding day only on the most auspicious days. Have a look at the below dates:

In November 2021, only 7 auspicious days are available on the dates:

  1. 15 November 2021
  2. 16 November 2021
  3. 20 November 2021
  4. 21 November 2021
  5. 28 November 2021
  6. 29 November 2021
  7. 30 November 2021

November is a decent month to get married as in Delhi, it has the most decent weather during the year. It is neither hot nor very cold, which makes it easier for everyone to dress up as they have planned.

In December 2021, only 6 auspicious days are available on the dates:

  1. 1 December 20212 December 2021
  2. 6 December 2021
  3. 7 December 2021
  4. 11 December 2021
  5. 13 December 2021

The two upcoming months are perfect for arranging a wedding ceremony. So, gear up for this wedding season in 2021 and start planning your wedding attires as soon as possible!